#OCDFW? What is that? Before this weekend, many of us on the Team may have been asking the same question.

#OCDFW is the “hashtag” for Open Camp Dallas Fort Worth. It’s a search tag in Twitter to help followers find various subjects of interest they may be looking for. Get enough people to repeat, or rather “retweet” it and you can get it recognized as a trending tweet by Twitter itself – which feeds off it and it can go viral quickly…

As for “Open Camp” (www.openca.mp) it was a multi-day, multi-platform, multi-media training seminar organized by @JohnPoz, the CEO of Woopra, a company that provides real-time web analytics. The goal was to bring together some of the smartest minds on the web to share their insights with people from the various CMS Platforms WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! as well as .NET and multi-media.

Why would we do that?  The U.S. Army Golden Knights work for U.S. Army Accessions Command, which means we are one more recruiting asset to help spread the Army’s message about opportunities, education and leadership.  Learning how to better engage through various social media platforms and blogs, we’re better able to help connect America’s People with her Army.

The end results? Golden Knights brought Army Strong to Open Camp Dallas. And in return, Geeks brought social media, developer and designer smarts to the Army…

One of our favorite Geeks is the host of GeekBeat.TV Cali Lewis who joined us along with a number of her fellow Open Camp Instructors for a Tandem Jump on Thursday to help share what a #ArmyStrong experience is like.

While we sent them home with many great memories, photos and videos, most have been so busy teaching all the Open Campers the tricks of the trade that they haven’t had a chance to digest, process, render and publish their own #ArmyStrong videos.

Chris Pirillo asks his Twitter followers to "Remix my skydive!"One creative Tandem Passenger, Open Camp Speaker @ChrisPirillo is a regular Tom Sawyer. He’s cleverly sent the B-Roll footage and photos out to his 85,000+ Twitter Followers and challenged them to “Remix my skydive!”  (If you haven’t heard of Chris Pirillo, just Google “Chris”.)

Because a tremendous amount of information was delivered in an extremely short time, it’s going to take us a while to fully capture and implement so many of the great ideas. But you can be sure that ArmyGK.com will be improving over the months ahead as @GKDave and @GKRachel put their heads togther to take this site to the next level.

In the mean time, here’s a great write up and VIDEO from DFW Reporting worth checking out:

We’ll be back with more in the near future…

P.S. Hats off to @GKSteve and @ArmyFred for jumping in head first. Neither had a Twitter account before the arriving in Dallas – but both are now up and running.

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