The Wind in Cleveland is Cramping our Style!

SSG Howie Sanborn looks on as MSG Charles Cooley addresses the students (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

Cleveland is trying hard to take the title away from Chicago as “The Windy City,” and it seems this week that she may actually be succeeding. The winds have been relentless off Lake Erie for the past two days, today being the worst. The needle on the official airport anemometer (fancy word for wind meter) stayed steady at 30mph, with gusts well up over 40mph.

Once again, Black Team had to cancel jump operations with a heavy heart. In the famous words of Team Leader SFC Will Fleming to his Team, “Well kids, it is what it is,” he said as the jumpers gathered outside the parked airplane. “One thing we can’t control is the weather, so lets get out there and make the best of a bad situation and get out there to this school and talk to these kids. We got a job to do.”

Black Team addresses a crowd of more than 600 students (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

So Black Team drove the 25 miles to Perry High School and spoke to a gym full of 600 students. The kids loved it and the local recruiters got more than 70 leads after the presentation was over.

SFC Rob Mooney, Black Team's recruiting liaison, chats with some Perry High School seniors as a local Police officer stands by (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

In addition to the school visit, three members of Black Team got up a little earlier than the rest of the Team and had some live air time on a local family friendly radio station. Mornings with Len and Brooke, on 95.5 “The Fish” spent a little more than 13 minutes live on the air with SSG Brandon Valle, SGT Brandie Phillips, and SGT Rachel Medley at 6:40 am. The show has a huge following, mostly young people and families. The segment received a lot of great feedback and a few of the reporters plan to ride on the plane during tomorrow’s jump.

SGT Brandie Phillips speaks on-air with morning show host Len Howser (Photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

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