Golden Knights Selection 2010 has begun

SFC Tom Dunning welcomes candidates to the  2010 Assesment and Selection Program

SFC Tom Dunning welcomes candidates to the 2010 Assesment and Selection Program

That’s what it’s all about for sixteen individuals who are vying for a place with the U S Army Parachute Team Golden Knights. Two ladies and fourteen men crossed through the threshold of the headquarters facility’s historical museum of the Army’s only Department of Defense parachute team.

2010 Cadre SFC Greg Windmiller, SSG Derrick Coleman, SFC Tom Bovee and team XO CPT Michael Funderburk observing inprocesing

SSG Tom Dunning  who is leading the 2010 program  called roll call and greeted each individual as they reported for duty. He gave them instructions concerning the itinerary of the day and introduced them to the rest of the cadre who would be with them daily through the intensive training program. SFC Tom Bovee, SFC Greg Windmiller and SSG Derek Coleman will be guiding them through the process of   “trying out.”

Commander of the USAPT LTC Joe Martin briefs new try out applicants

LTC Joe Martin the team Commander and SGM Stephen Young addressed the 16 candidates and welcomed them to the Assessment and Selection Program. LTC Martin said they were to be commended for taking the first three steps  to become a Golden Knight;”they made a decision to come here, by submitting an application, and showing up at the door this morning.”

SGM Stephen Young welcomes candidates

It will be long days and weeks of jumping, classes, training on the Golden Knight way of demonstrating until they too will receive their jackets and become Golden Knights. Not all will make it through. For the first time in Golden Knight history, tryouts will be documented for the public and will be posted on this blog.  The Golden Knights wish each candidate good luck and see you in the “Black”.


    GOLDEN NIGHTS , THE BEST , Thats my son welcoming recruits good to see a pic. of him on this page.

  • Kenn sørensen

    Thanks for blogging.
    Interesting for me/us civilian skydivers to learn about the selection process of becoming a Golden Knight.
    - Blue skies guy’s…

    - Keep on blogging..

  • John P.

    DAMN! I want to do it too! :-)

    John P.

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