Hola, El Paso!! Black Team’s in Town!

It’s easy to understand why everyone from Texas LOVES Texas, especially with the weather and scenery here in El Paso the past two days. Black Team performed a night jump last night into the Amigo Air Show evening social event, then did two mass formations with the beautiful desert and mountains as a backdrop. Tomorrow’s weather promises to be as spectacular as today’s was…which makes our job AWESOME!!


    There are videos of you in youtube where people are thinking it was ufo’s..

    Even you were on tv :))

    Could you please respond back so we can say that the guys were you in the video?


    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley


      Yes, that was us! This is something that happens quite often when we do twilight or night jumps…people for miles around who don’t realize that there is a pyrotechnic jump going on think that there is a meteor or a UFO! The local law enforcement and news agencies get frequent phone calls from people who think that it’s anything from a UFO to a nuclear missile. It’s just the Golden Knights, doing what we do best and wowing the crowd, while demonstrating the precision and discipline that the Army has taught us. Thanks for your concern!

      Blue Skies!

      SGT Rachel Medley, Black Demonstration Team, Golden Knights

      • Bert Wood

        So SGT Medley, was that also you guys over Manhattan a couple days ago in broad daylight, in the same formation?

        • http://preston.sumner@gmail.com Preston

          Looks like the UFO nuts are out in full force, desperate to convince themselves that lights in the sky haven’t been explained away already.

        • DrBobNM

          the NY sighting was wedding balloons that got away

        • Patrick Garrett

          I believe that was determined to be a bunch of helium balloons.

        • Chris Cunningham


        • Helloseekers

          Balloons. Look at the Manhattan video again. Mylar balloons. For real. Get a life, or religion, or drugs – something to fill the lonely void…

      • Bob Medley

        Where you also in Richmond, VA?

        Msgt. Bob Medley, USAF, Retired

      • Steve Jones

        Nice try.

      • Steve

        Rachel, let me know when you’re going to jump again at night and I’ll fly out from Utah to video tape it,…then maybe I’ll believe your lame story.

      • Tom

        St. Medley, that was a pretty cool trick how you guys were able to suddenly stop motionless in mid-air during freefall.

      • Steve

        Please answer this question… were you also in NY?

      • ArbutusJoe

        Yes, that’s nice, but are you going to take over earth and enslave the human race?

      • Phil

        For one, aren’t you supposed to leave this kind of communication up to the military affairs officers in your command? Especially when it comes to any kind of announcement that is representing your unit and branch of service in corporate communications.

        Two, Having been around many, many Army soldiers, you seem to have good written aptitude unlike 98% of your colleagues.

        • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley


          First of all, thank you for the compliment. I enjoy writing very much, and try to do it often. I was an English major in college, and I feel like my college years are not in vain, as long as I write!

          Secondly, it’s a very good point you bring up about matters of public communication being left up to the officers in our command. In a conventional unit, you are absolutely right on. In our unit, however, we have a much wider interface with the public, due to the nature of our job. If every matter regarding our interactions with the public was handled by our officers (we’ve only a few in the unit and they are very gainfully employed!) nobody would ever know what was going on because it would be so overwhelming. Each section has a person (for the Black Demonstration Team, it’s me) assigned to post updates, photos, and information about the whereabouts and activities of that section, in order to keep the public informed about where the public can see us perform, and if they so choose, where they can have to opportunity to meet us. Additionally, recruiting is a large part of our mission, so getting the word out about where we will be and what we are doing is extremely important. Some exceptions to this could include a serious incident in which a jumper was injured, or if an incident somehow compromised our national security. In those instances, we most definitely would defer any public statement to an official in our command.

          Thanks for your interest, and please always feel free to ask questions any time!

          Blue Skies!

  • Vincent

    Were You Guys In NY

    • John

      The thing in NYC was balloons inside big clear bags. Already been on TV news.

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  • http://www.SangerParanormalSociety.com Jeffrey Gonzalez

    As you are guy’s are desending, can you please describe how you keep your feet locked together as you are forming the one single light then how do you come to a complete stop. When you open you chute’s or glider’s, how do you come to a complete stand still in mid air forming a triangle. Once the chute is openned, you continue on a downward motion. Please explain!!!!

    • SkyDivin Snorpht

      They are all together in formation holding hands coming down @~120mph (terminal velocity). At a distance you can only resolve one light with your eyes. Then they break, turn and max track (google it) away from each other before they dump. Then you see all 3 or 4 lites. They get several hundred yards separation and when the canopy opens they rapidly go from 120 down to about 10 mph. Looks like they stop. A couple seconds later the magnesium flares burn out.

      Your’e stupit, vot efer Obama didja?

    • Dolt

      LOL physics are so complicated, eh?

  • Ben

    So you guys also had a show in manhattan?

  • MF luder

    who were you performing for? You say crowd loves it, where was the crowd that knew you were jumping? Was there a known veiwing area? Why didnt local law enforcement know there was a jump at night in the area? Do tell.

    • neon

      Good question! Was it public knowledge?

  • Mitchell

    Do it again this week to provide it was you.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaqvrv-8jIY Google is your Friend

    This should end the debate… another of your night jumps nearly identical to the “UFO version” on youtube.

    • http://joe@mwrproductions.com Joe C

      Actually I was almost convinced that the lights in El Paso were a BK jump until I watched this video that ‘proved’ it…the bit with the descending fire looks very similar but once the parachutes deploy the difference is very noticeable.

      In the BK video the flares continue to spout fire and continue to descend, whereas in the El Paso ‘ufo’ video the lights contract to single points and hover. I’ll say the jury is still out because BK parachuters are inherently a more reasonable explanation than UFOs, but to me these two videos still don’t match up well enough for me to think the case is closed.

      • dolt

        The difference of being very close or several miles away makes light appear in different manors. This should be evident to anyone with common sense. Does a car from very far away in the dark seem to have a single headlight or 2 distinct lights? Depends on the distance, doesn’t it? Think about it. Then again, maybe that’s a lost cause.

    • jdfry

      are you mentally challenged?? seriously that in no way resembles what happened in el paso or NY

  • Russ

    Black Knights! Back in high school (79-81) – Colonial High School / Orlando, FL – We had the Knights do a jump and land on our football field. AWESOME!

  • chris

    yeah, well, how do you guys explain that you were not even in the area on the 15th of october and yet there was still a sighting with the same formation…..

  • Twilight

    You are very stealth indeed. Have you been booked already for December 21, 2012?

  • Andy

    Here is the actual video of a night performance

  • Classic

    Yall should check out Stan Fulham’s site, he sounds crazy but he did predict these sitings. Oh ya black team are a bunch of lying a holes who are telling us they have superman powers. Wow what a bunch of pricks!

  • Clay

    What a load of crap! This story is so far fetched that its insulting that its even been presented to the public. It cannot account for so many things. Just read the previous comments. “Night jumps” yeah right!

  • KMan

    Your stunts over those Chinese airports were unbelievable! That Phoenix thing a few years ago was truly awesome. Funny how you can make yourselves appear to be 2 city blocks long, travel silently at 200 feet and zip away at such high speed. That trailing smoke always fools us into thinking your aliens. Thanks for the explanation. Oh, was that you guys on all of those Shuttle and moon missions following along in those crazy parachutes…you rogue party animals!

  • Richard

    Everyone……..CHILL! Watch the youtube video of the “UFO” and then watch a youtube video of the GN’s doing a night jump, its obvious that its them. Stop demanding answers to your stupid questions, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

    To the Goldel Knights, you guys and girls are amazing at what you do. Thanks for your service!

  • Matt

    Can you provide your own video evidence of the jump you just did in El Paso? Show us what your night jump looks like from your own video footage? As you can tell, a lot of us are hesitant to believe it was really you guys performing a jump, considering the same looking formation was seen in Manhattan on the 13th.

  • One 10

    Forgive them Golden Knights, for this topic of UFOs is like a religion to them, and they know not what they see and hear.

  • http://Drudgereport Anthony parente

    Sorry…not buying it. Night jumps are magnitudes more dangerous than a
    daylight one. The ground comes up fast in the dark!!! Nobody saw your
    lights floating all the way down…had to hurt. Practicing parachuting at night, my foot. Rangers and special ops guys do it because they have to.If you plan to lie for your Goverment, prove it. recreate the video we saw on the news. Fat chance of that!
    Something is coming…don’t propagate the big lie because you are not in
    Control of the phenomenon

  • http://www.SangerParanormalSociety.com Jeffrey Gonzalez

    That’s what I say. When you are ready to do another jump just like the last one at night, please inform the media so they can capture all this on film…..And if you don’t, well, then I’m going to say it wasn’t you guy’s after all. So please put this to rest….1 light turning into 3 lights with sparks then the 3 come to a complete hover motion with no sparks to form a triangle..then hover…thanks guys

  • DrBobNM

    BTW, Rachel is awesome.

  • ThisShouldBeGood

    Could you explain how exactly it was that you stopped completely in midair and then proceeded to spin horizontally around a radial that is probably about 3 miles in diameter. That’s the first time I’ve seen a parachute do that.

  • KneeDeep

    Where’s my shovel? I’m knee-deep in something. Maybe it’s the Stupid pills you guys are pouring on me.
    We. Are. Not. Alone.
    And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

  • terry the censor

    Oh, Jeff, so desperate! Do you really think they’re not making these jumps? Hahaha!


    Jeffrey, in the UFO vid, it looks like they hover, but in fact, they were moving forward rather than down, making it look like they were hovering.

  • Scott Smith

    And please explain how you’re able to maintain a stationary formation?

  • Frank

    Phew! Well that explains all those UFO stories. Nothing to see here folks, please move along.

  • Denise

    Well Boys,
    I guess you were told to say this, because I have seen you during the day and at “twilight”??????? Good try, dumb government…. WTF ( when the F***) will this government understand that we are not as stupid as they think we are???

    • I Concur

      Denise is probably WRONG!.

      Because the government knows whats best for us!

      Trust me

      Thats why Alcohol & Cigarettes are Legal Duh!

  • Joe Martin

    Here’s the video to show what was actually happening…

    • Mike

      Yeah, that is great…it totally is the Golden Knights really cool….sorry folks no UFO here…

  • http://rmcpherrin@verizon.net TexasPride

    How dare you treat us like we’re stupid children! The days of government lackeys giving lame excuses for UFO sightings are over!!

  • grant

    This isn’t the same thing as the “UFO” sightings. However, their maneuvers during the night can easily spark debate but they shouldn’t be confused with the recent events on UFO sitings that have been reported through out the USA and possibly other countries (slight delay in news coverage because it’s not a big topic, yet). There is Richmond, Manhattan, and El Paso with almost identical accounts and video plus many others if you dig far enough. Drudge Report seems to be covering the topic of UFO’s decently in the recent weeks. Three lights blinking and moving laterally through the sky at high speeds during both the day and the night. Using simple logic you can easily disregard the Golden Knights as the culprit. It provides ease of mind for a lot of people but being skeptical will keep your mind sharp on this subject. There are a lot of hoax’s out about UFO’s and they’ve been out for 50 years or more. With our current technology; high definition still cameras and camcorders along with the increase in lack of ignorance in today’s society will fuel a more revolutionary era in our thought. Just wait for disclosure.

  • Cover Up

    There goes the Army again…… trying to tell us it wasn’t Aliens. I guess the weather balloon story is getting old? What about the Fan District in Richmond? ……you guys there as well?

    …….don’t think so

  • Cover It Up Lawl


  • Grant Prat

    What time was your drop? Does your Fokker have navigation lights? How many jumped? Did you notify the FAA?

  • testplot

    no…no…no …. all those blinking lights…. they are code from the Forangies to the communist democrates…. go ahead and steal this election….you can do it…

  • JACK

    (^ ^,) I believe you guys

  • Lilo Truski

    This certainly doesnt “end the debate”…it has just begun! This whole thing stinks to high heavens. This is too convenient of an excuse. I call bullish*t on this forever because I have witnessed this aerial phenomenon earlier this year in the dead if winter and it was absolutely not a parachute show in 10 degree weather…everyone keep your eyes upward and keep an eye on the GK’s schedule.

  • Moderator Number 1

    You dont have to suppress my first amendment right of free speech..

    OoOOps .. You just did…

    By deleting like 5 threads that disagree with this topic .. wow.. niice

    dont worry ill go do something else now…

    ill leave you alone.. sheesh.. YEAH I GUESS IT WAS SKY DIVERS>>> SIGH

  • Terry

    That explains it all ! I was coming from Alaska last year and I seen the same formation after passing Muncho Lake in Canada going west on the ALCAN Highway : It had to be the Black Knights also : Those Knights travel a lot don’t they ?

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  • Bob

    So many people want to really believe it was a spaceship from another planet despite the obvious truth.

  • Frank Losos

    I’m not buying it. Not unless you can duplicate all of the maneuvers we saw on those videos. Including coming to a complete stop in mid-air forming a triangle. Prove it. Replicate it. Do it again with a few hundred video cams rolling tonight.

  • http://www.marktalk.com Mark Williams

    Yes of course. Totally explains the same lights over Manhattan the other night. Must have been the swamp gas mixing with the ball lightening and getting confused with the skydivers near the weather balloon. LOL!!!

  • Jack

    There was no cloak of darkness in Manhattan, yet no parachutes can be seen in the daytime video. Also, the Richmond lights were reported to hover in the sky for four hours, how can that be explained?

  • Tom Dunnavant

    sounds like a black lie to me

  • Navytown

    It’s always amazing to hear the phony stories they give out to cover up UFO appearances…..next they will be saying it was ‘swamp gas’ like they usually do.

  • http://www.abovetopsecret.com Horishi

    Please explain to me why the formation you guys did where the same ones seen in Manhattan. Where you guys in Manhattan or not?

  • Jay Zvirgzdins

    I hate to be a naysayer. the videos of the Black Knights are compelling i will admit. Although, in light of all the other recent events, how bout some concrete proof. The Amigo Airsho was the 16th and 17th. The video footage was from the evening of the 15th. If they were practicing or putting on a special small audience show, then I would assume they would entertain the crowds on the evening of either the 16th or 17th. So where is footage of that performance.

    Also, the FAA would have record of flight pattern requests for any flights over public airspace for safety reasons. So how bout that information. Also, in this age of a video camera in every pocket, why isn’t there any footage from those that were aware of what they were seeing. Why did a news organization not have any notice of these maneuvers so they could promote the airshow the next two nights. Seems like marketing 101.

    We’re supposed to believe a blog post that could have been back dated. I know the military has that capability. Just shoot straight with your own citizens.

    Jay Zvirgzdins (Real Name)

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley

      Dear Jay,

      Thanks for your detailed inquiries. I wrote a post answering some of the questions that have arisen from our jump in El Paso, feel free to check it out. Very valid questions you have raised. Yes, the FAA does have to approve every jump we do, and the one we did Friday night was no exception. Our NOTAMs and waivers were filed in accordance with FAA regulations through the Amigo Air Show for the entire weekend. It is the Air Show’s responsibility to promote their programs, and although we make every attempt to inform the new agencies of every city we visit, it’s impossible to tell everyone! The jump we did that night was into a social event for the air show performers, so the audience was considerably smaller than the regular daytime audience. If you would like to see a night jump by the Golden Knights live and in person, check out our schedule, because we are doing a night jump at the Ft Worth Alliance air show and the Lackland Air Show in San Antonio.

      Blue Skies!

      SGT Rachel Medley

  • Mke

    Please post other videos of you guys doing night jumps so we can see it is the same for all your jumps and confirm what we saw was your team…sounds plausible and pretty cool!

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley

      As requested, we have posted a video with some footage from recent night jumps. Check it out!

  • Mike

    Oh, one last question, if the 4th flare was lit while the first three were still burning from the plane jump a few minutes before….why did it burn out at the exact same time as the first three? Seems odd all would burn out at the exact same millisecond including one that was lit long after the other three….

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley

      I answered many of the questions that have come up about the jump, and yours was one of them. Check out the post!

  • Steven

    What a load of BS. If you watch the video, the objects hover in the air stationary for 90 seconds and then move right and then left in the air. Unless you guys also have jet packs (if so where can I get mine) then this was NOT the Black Knights.

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley

      Thanks for your queries…I wrote a post here on our website answering many of the questions that came up, and your “jet pack” question was one of them. Thanks and please let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Andrea

    I guess it was also them wowing the Chinese for over 5 times, and I guess they showed up in Richmond and I guess they don’t have to obey the laws of physics like the rest of the ordinary humans.

    Don’t you hate it when people try to BS you? You know they always say that they don’t tell us the truth because we are not capable of handling the truth, will let at the BS we have been fed over the years, where did it get us?

    We had OUR Government performing medical studies for STDs, we had them pouring virus in the subway system in NY, and we have had them using areas to use chemical test. Think we have had enough of not being told the truth.

  • JuanValdez

    Black Panther drones scouting polling places.

  • Matthew

    I’m not buying it, seems not too long ago they could “neither confirm nor deny what the lights were.”

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley

      It seems that the joke was lost on a lot of people…surprisingly many of them didn’t take it as a joke! Of course it was us…in fact I was actually on that jump as the team videographer and have performed many night jumps as a member of the Golden Knights. We are commonly mistaken as UFOs or meteors! Thanks for your interest and please let us know if you have any other questions!

      • http://www.paratopia.net Jeff Ritzmann

        Anytime people see usual lights in the sky they get all excited – and then it becomes belief and wish-fulfillment. Your jump that night was probably for some, the entire basis of their belief. Most base such beliefs on video that has not been thoroughly examined but posted to the net. Don’t get me wrong – I’m one of those who has a keen interest in UFOs and I do believe there’s a legitimate phenomenon there – but clearly when there’s an explanation….well…it’s explained. And we all have to move on.

        No, for some they “don’t buy it” because it’s a matter of belief and not data examination. Believe me when I say all us UFO guys and gals aren’t like that.

        Don’t call us crazy…you guys jump out of perfectly good airplanes, at night, with pyro on your ankles. ;)

        • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley


          Thanks for your support! It’s amazing the kind of debate that can get stirred up after just another day at the office for us!! I certainly learned a lot from reading and replying to all the comments that followed our jump and my story. Thanks again for your support and positivity!

          Blue Skies!

  • dolt

    The amount of ignorance in the comments is astonishing. When presented with clear facts people still refuse to apply common sense. Have some respect for yourselves. Our entire society is doomed.

  • PoppaSmurph

    No, I am sorry, but this explination just does not fit reality or the facts.

    It is simply imposible for the Knights to have performed this act…physicaly impossible. This is Not an opinion or belief, but a physical, testable, demonstratable fact.

    Unlike the round canopy parachutes once used, todays Parafoils, or ‘ram air parachutes’ like the ones used by the Knights, simply cannot fall vertiticaly, they stay airborn the same way a wing does…because they ARE a Wing. Modern Parachutes are basically highly controllable gliders and require forward movement to create air flow and maintain lift. Without that forward motion, like an airplane in a stall, you would fall and die.

  • http://www.celluloidseduction.blogspot.com Marty

    Wow the Black Knights! I was checking the Air Show site and it says that the gates closed at 6.00pm – is it so dark at 6.00pm in El Paso?
    That’s interesting, it’s a shame to miss something this spectacular – - why was it not advertised better? Can I get the link to the video of the actual jump, I’d love to see it from that point-of-view!

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley

      The jump was performed at the social event Friday night for the airshow performers. The gates to the air show did close at 6pm, then the performers headed to the social event, where they watched us jump at 7pm. Thanks for your interest! We will be more proactive about getting the word out to the public next time, and if you’d like to see us do a night jump in person, check out the Ft Worth Alliance air show or the Lackland Air show in San Antonio, where Black Team will be performing night pyro jumps at both.

      Blue Skies!

  • Racial Warlord

    I and many others are deeply offened by your name.

    For sensitivity purposes, I urge you to change it immediately to the politically correct term….African American Knights.

  • Alan

    Ya’ll are great. Loved you at National Scout Jamboree.
    You ought to do night jumps for the folks at Roswell during their UFO festival — it would a smash hit and great publicity (although dodging cactus at night during landing might be difficult).

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  • John Smith

    Somethijng’s up. The Gov just recvealed a lot about the members of a simi- secret team which is now not so secret. ALL BECAUSE OF THIS “FLAP”

  • Robert

    Funny I spent many years in the 82nd Airborne Div (4/325th, 2/325th, 1/504) plus a few years in 3/75th Ranger batt and not once have I seen a canopy, even in a hot air up draft, cause the hover effect of all four jumpers. I have 93 jumps, at least 35 which are night jumps. I have seen some funny things during the night where your eyes are fooled to believe something that wasn’t actually there but I have yet to see anything like this.

    I am not saying the Sgt is lying, but from my 20 years of being a paratrooper I would have to say……..BS.

    Now I wonder who at Bragg ordered this cover story?

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley


      I would like to invite you to come view our night jump in Fort Worth, TX on 29 October. We will be doing the same maneuvers from the same aircraft using the same parachutes we used on the El Paso jump. I was the videographer on the El Paso jump and I can assure you…hanging on the camera step of the Fokker at 120 mph in -10 degrees F at altitude that it really was us! Hope to see you in Fort Worth.

  • GetALife

    UFO’s, Bigfoot, Lochness Monster, our government blew up the World Trade Center and Pentagon. You guys are pathetic. Come in from out of the back woods and join society as a real person (or move from California). This is what REAL people think of you! Oh and the world will not end in 2012!

  • Adam

    I like the way they just simultaneously vanished. Now that was a fantastic trick for any parachutist.

  • Harry

    The SGT was so very quick to reply initially. Apparently has no answer to fairly straight-forward challenges asking for proof. :)

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley


      Please feel free to attend the Fort Worth Alliance air show, as we will be performing a night jump using the same equipment, aircraft, and parachutes as we did in El Paso. We appreciate your interest and concern.

  • Lee

    With all due respect I call Bulls**t just another wanabe cover up there is no way in hell that was from jumpers………..

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley

      Thanks for your interest! If you would like to see a repeat of Friday’s jump (which I participated in) please feel welcome to attend the Ft Worth Alliance air show next weekend, where we will be doing a night performance Friday the 29th of October. We will be using the same aircraft, equipment, and pyro equipment we used in El Paso. We would love to see you there!

      Blue Skies

  • SuzQ

    Sorry, but I’m not “falling” for this answer. Besides, I saw a UFO between 11:00 pm and 2: am when I was 13. (I’m now 62.) It was stationary for almost 3 hours directly overhead my bedroom window(looked like a big star). Then it moved in a sideways “S” pattern before it disappeared out of sight over my neighbor’s house. This happened in Kansas City, KS.

  • Wallace

    Please duplicate the night jump and show everyone how it looks exactly like the “UFO” videos.

    That should do it.

    Can we count on that? Thanks.

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley


      Please feel free to attend the Fort Worth Alliance air show next weekend, which is a public event. We will be performing a night jump 29 Oct using the same parachutes, aircraft, and equipment that we did in El Paso. Hope to see you there!

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  • http://theblaze.com Ralph Tony

    Some people always continue to believe what they want to believe even when confronted with the truth. Those who have only a shallow and superficial understanding of events and issues continue to cling onto the ridiculous.

  • terry the censor

    The idiocy of people who will deny, deny , deny simple facts. The GK confirm their jump created the effects seem over El Paso. Older videos of their jumps are identical to what was seen in the Channel 9 video. Hundreds of people have left comments online, mostly on youtube, stating they have seen these jumps. Come on!

  • FaltaUserName

    Hi Rachel,

    You said you participate in the jump and was the videographer of the jump. I am in no way doubting it. I would just like to know if you have posted your footage on youtube or other channel so we can take our conclusions on the whole event. While the initial part looks very similar with the other filmed jumps, the end with the triangular formation is quite unique.

    It would be very interesting if you could send us the link.


    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley

      First of all, thanks for your interest! Yes, I do have the photos and video, which I will post soon. It’s interesting that so many people are so intrigued with the “triangular formation” seen once the canopies were open. Any three points in any plane, unless they are in a perfectly straight line, will form a triangle. It would have been FAR more amazing if the three canopies had been able to form a straight line, since they are in a three-dimensional space and they are each flying their parachutes independently from each other! The mystique of this “triangular formation” that so many people think we did on purpose can be broken by googling “Golden Knights” and looking at any one of the hundreds of videos of us under canopy during the day. Pick out any three canopies and notice that they form…wait for it…a TRIANGLE! I think one of the reasons that folks are so amazed by the night jump is that the position of the canopies is more pronounced with the pyro against the night sky.

      I am currently traveling with my team to do performances in Fort Worth and San Antonio, but as soon as I return to base I will be able to post photos and video from the El Paso jump as well as the night jump that we will be performing in San Antonio.

      Blue Skies!!

  • FaltaUserName

    Thank you for the answer. Your explanation makes sense. Just waiting to see the videos of this and next jump.

    • http://armygk.com Rachel Medley

      Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we did NOT do a night jump in Fort Worth! We do whatever jumps the airshow hires us to do, and they changed it from years past and did not have it on the schedule. We are headed to San Antonio this next weekend and I anticipate that we will have at least an evening or twilight jump there. I will keep you updated to assure that you don’t miss it if it is on the schedule.


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