Perfect Fall Day for Training

SSG Brandon Valle flies the Army Star canopy with the American flag (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

Days like today make it easy to endure all the hot, humid, miserable summer days. Bright blue skies, gentle breeze, and 70 degrees…Black Team couldn’t ask for better training weather. We shared the aircraft with the tryouts all day and completed five jumps. The main mission of the day was to get some photos of the team’s specially-made “Army Star” canopy flying the Nation’s Colors. Mother nature gave us the perfect conditions to get some spectacular photos.

SSG Brandon Valle (right) and SGT Tylor Wheeler fly a side-by-side over Laurinburg, NC (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

Today was an especially fun day for the Golden Knight’s Aviation section commander, MAJ Craig Blackwood. MAJ Blackwood learned how to skydive recently and completed his 74th jump today. Until today, MAJ Blackwood had never completed a group skydive, so Black Team decided to show him the ropes! They launched a three-way base out of the C-31, with two outside fliers to complete a five-way formation. During the dive, the group turned three points…quite an accomplishment for his first group skydive!!

MAJ Blackwood (black jump suit), SFC Will Fleming (top), and SSG Trevor Oppenborn (right) launch a base off the Fokker (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

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