Black Team Wraps Up the Texas Trip

Black Team Leader SFC Will Fleming touches down dead center on the target, as SGT Tylor Wheeler catches the Black Team flag (photo by SFC Eric Heinsheimer)

Black Team is winding down the show season this weekend in San Antonio, TX as they prepare for the last jump of the show. At this moment, members of the Team are setting up the airplane and packing flags into their parachutes. In 20 minutes, the Team will assemble and get a safety brief, then “dirt dive” (run through the maneuvers for the full show on the ground) and crank the engines for takeoff. The weather is beautiful…we couldn’t have ordered bluer skies or more perfect winds for our last jump of the season. Here are some pictures from the jumps we completed on Friday and yesterday.

  • Ken Armstead

    Hey, I take my hat off to you Gents, I can see that you put in long hours and some serious training , can you keep me up to date on future performance jumps and may the Lord be with you on !

  • Jonathan Saunders

    Thanks so much for letting me tag along on Saturday!

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