Gold Team fights the Cold at Army vs Navy Game

SSg Howard Sanborn lands dead center on the Army vs. Navy logo.There is saying amongst the demonstrators of the Golden Knights. “You are only as good as your last jump”. The Gold Demonstration Team ended their official demonstration season with a jump into the 111th Army vs. Navy game. The performance was flawless. Nine jumpers, on time and on target without a hitch. Despite the frigid temperatures, crowded airspace, and unpredictable wind conditions, Gold Demonstration Team performed a picture perfect stadium demonstration. Ending the season on a perfect jump.

As the first of the jumpers entered the stadium the crowd of Cadets and Midshipman were rallied into a frenzy of cheers. The roar of the crowd could easily be heard by the jumpers still a few thousand feet above the stadium waiting their turn  to enter. Flying flags that stated “Go Army” and “Beat Navy”, the precision freefall parachutist of the Gold Demonstration Team showed the Cadets of West Point what the NCO corps of the US Army is capable of.

With the season winding down and the demostrators of the Gold Demonstration Team preparing for the Holidays, we would like to say thank you to all of you who supported us throughout the 2010 show season. We look forward to performing for all of you again in 2011. In the meantime, “may all your days be prosperous, and your nights golden.”

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    Ya’ll know how to put a lump in the oldie’s throat’s…friggin’ SUPER job….

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