Exceeding Expectations


SGT Tom PryjdaAnother week of training passes us by, we see yet more astounding improvements from Gold Demonstration Team’s newest members.  In particular, narration has gone from dry and boring, to nearly airshow quality. The week long coaching sessions, headed up by renowned airshow announcer Rob Reider, certainly paid off. Through Mr. Reider’s coaching the “new guys” have learned techniques to slow the tempo of their public speaking and how to sound exciting, without raising their voices. The narrators on the Golden Knights can literally “make or break” a parachute demonstration. The emphasis on excellent narration cannot be understated.  Thus far the Gold Team’s new guys sound just as good, and in some cases better than several of the demonstration team veterans. Big thanks go out to Rob Reider and Gold Team’s “Old Guys” for producing a new generation of quality narrators.

Canopy Relative Work, the act of docking two or more canopies together in midair, has gone from simple bi-plane formations to downplanes and tri-planes. A downplane literally turns both jumpers horizontal with the earth, speeding them downward at speeds in excess of sixty miles per hour. A tri-plane “stacks” three canopies one on top of the other.  The jumper in the top parachute pilots all three jumpers to the target area.  Having new members pick up on these advanced canopy techniques so quickly is unheard of. Some of the new Team members are actually learning to pilot the bi-planes into the target area.  A skill usually reserved for a Team Member with at least one year of demonstration time under his belt. Gold team is operating “new guy” heavy for the 2011 show season. Therefore, it is necessary to teach the new team members advanced skills. Thus far, they are exceeding expectations. Gold Team is setup for a very good Airshow Season.

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