Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders take to the skies above Homestead.

The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders stay very busy during the NFL off season.  Recently they participated in USO visits to Japan and Guantanamo Bay.  Some of the Cheerleaders just returned from the Bahamas and Mexico.  While not traveling around the world they stay busy around the Miami area. Last week the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders visited Homestead Air Reserve Base, the new winter home of the Golden Knights.  As you may have guessed they were at the base to jump out of airplanes with the Tandem Team.

The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders are role models to many young women across southern Florida and the country.  It was an honor to have them spend the day with the US Army Parachute Team. The Golden Knights allowed the women to get an inside look at a very unique Army unit.  During their visit they were able to see just how the Team operates, and how much team work goes into a single day of training.  They put a great deal of trust and confidence in Soldiers as they stood on the edge of an airplane 2 ½ miles above the ground.  They learned how to pack parachutes and narrate shows with the demonstration teams.  They saw first hand the expertise of our aviation section “Team Six”. They were also invited out to the runway to watch F-16’s do flybys, take offs and landing. Throughout the day the women were eager to experience what its like being a Soldier in today’s Army and of course to be Airborne with the US Army Golden Knights.

Each of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders also found out about a certain Army Value.  Personal Courage.  It was their first time jumping out of an airplane.  Some had to overcome their fear of heights.  For those, screams of fear as the exited the air plane, turned into screams of excitement as they overcame their fear and accelerated earthwards at 120 mph.  Each of the women couldn’t stop smiling as their videographer closely captured their exciting adventure. The women didn’t wan their jump to end.  Unfortunately, what goes up, most come down.  Each of the women touched down softly on the Golden Knights drop zone with their Tandem Instructors. The next time the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders head out to visit the troops deployed around the world, our talk to young women in the local community, they will have a new story to tell.

At the end of the day the Tandem Team completed 18 Tandem jumps for the Cheerleaders and Crew.  The Team presented the women with their first jump certificates, still photos and videos of their jumps.  As the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders left Homestead Air Reserve Base, they couldn’t wait to get home and share their experience with friends and family and relive their once in a lifetime opportunity.

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