UFO’s over Homestead, Florida?

Early morning Two-Stack

UFO’s over Homestead, Florida? No, its the US Army Parachute Team! Each year during winter training, the Golden Knights conduct one round of night jump operations to maintain currency and proficiency. Each demonstration team will make three to five jumps, beginning with a stack out at 4000 feet, then a canopy relative work pass,then working their way up to a mass formation at 13,500 feet. The demonstration teams have mastered the use of pyrotechnics in freefall. Just like a normal demonstration with red smoke canisters, each jumper attaches a special pyrotechnic to the smoke bracket instead. The “pyro”, also called cold burning fire, looks like a meteorite streaking through the sky during freefall. Each time the Team conducts these jumps, the local authorities receive numerous reports of meteor showers, planes crashing and yes, even UFO’s. So the next time you’re looking up at the night sky and see bright streaks in the sky, it could be the Golden Knights.

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