XVI Weeks


Gold Team finnished another training week with over one hundred freefall training jumps per team member. The “New Guys” are performing well above the level they started at seven weeks ago. Gold Team Leader SFC Berentis,  expressed how excited he is to see the new Gold Team members perform at a live demonstration. In these final days of training the “New Guys” are nearly show ready, however we are fine tuning each maneuver. Everything from rigging smoke to dropzone setup and the maneuvers themselves are being perfected. Between eight weeks of tryouts and eight weeks of winter training the “New Guys” are more than ready to demonstrate for the American public.

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  • http://www,ushapki.com Marshall Gagne

    You are Golden Knights now, hit the road jack.

    Baby Knight

  • Cliff Davis

    Has anyone jumped the 1962 red, white and blue APT canopy? It is a silk canopy with a 7 TU modification. I had it in my collection for years until I donated to the APT through Loy Brydon since he was the one that ordered the silk canopies back in the early 60s.Loy said someone was going to air it out and then put it on display. I toured your facility in 2009 during the Pioneers of parachuting in Raeford. Very interesting as I had jumped with many of your guys in the 60s and 70s.

    Cliff Davis D-1594 – USPA I/E

  • Fred Patterson

    NO less than 300 training jumps should be made by all Team member during winter training!!!
    May I ask,,also how many jumps were made, doing a FULL show??

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