Freefall Formation Team begins Training

8 Way exits the UV-18 Twin OtterAll of the members of the Golden Knight’s 8-way Team are back together and doing what they do best- building eight man formations while in freefall.  This year’s delayed start was due to several competitors attending Non-Commisioned Officer’s schools according to their specific MOS and rank.  While the Team has spent several hours in the wind tunnel sharpening their individual flying skills, last week’s freefall jumps marked the official start of the training year for the 2011 Golden Knight’s 8-Way Team.  Needless to say, the Team was very excited to get back in the sky.
With three of the eight Team members in different slots within the 8-way formation, the Team’s plan was to start slow and focus on visual setups and fundamentals.  As always, the fundamentals payed off.  With each training jump the confidence level rose and the 8-way Team quickly settled into their new slots and assignments.  Small mistakes and inefficiencies were quickly identified and corrected on subsequent jumps.  In these early stages of training, the 8-way Team’s focus is establishing a solid foundation on which to build throughout the year.  The Competition Team is very excited about the upcoming 2011 season, and hopes to set a new standard for 8-way Competition.  Blue Skies, Army Strong!

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