Gold Team visits Miami Dade High School

Gold Team takes a moment to pose for a picture with the ROTC students of Miami Dade High School.On February 25 Gold Team took time away from normal training at Homestead Florida to conduct a classroom visit with Miami Dade High School’s JROTC class. Most of the students were between junior and senior year of High School.  All were very interested in becoming an Airborne Paratrooper by the conclusion of the days topic. For six “New Guys” on Gold Team this was their first speaking engagement before a High School classroom. Each Teammate had the chance to answer questions from each of the students on various topics about the U.S. Army  and the Army Parachute Team. Gold Team conducted a deployment sequence demonstration for the class, which is commonly referred to on the Team as a pull down demonstration. Jumping out of airplanes and landing on small targets is not only what the Army Parachute Team is about, it’s just how we get to work; after we land our major role is to connect America’s Army with American public. High School speaking engagements are a large involvement for the Golden Knights where by which we are given the chance to speak with students who have an interest in becoming apart of time honored tradition of Selfless Service to the American public by protecting our way of life.

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