Standing Above the Best!

As Golden Knights, we are Soldiers first, highly trained in one of the hundreds of occupational skills. We are proud to represent the high standards that are reflected in all of America’s Soldiers. This week provides an excellent opportunity to prove just that!

The Golden Knights have selected two motivated members of the Team to represent all of us at this year’s Accession Support Brigade, Soldier of the Year and Non Commissioned Officer of the Year boards. Staff Sergeant Brandie Phillips and Private First Class Jeshua Stahler will be stepping up to the challenge this coming week.

The Soldier of the Year and Non Commissioned Officer of the Year Boards are among the most competitive events for the ranks of today’s service members. At this high level of competition, many Soldier tasks are evaluated extensively. Each of our Team members will be competing against many, holding higher rank and and experience levels, many years their senior.

Competitors must navigate timed land navigation courses, complete physical fitness tests, compete in weapon marksmanship, and answer dozens of Soldiering questions, to include such categories as first aid, land navigation, weapon specifications, or more. Competitors must stand confident and unwavering in front of high ranking military leaders and complete these tasks in order to stand out above the best.

EST for marksmanship improvement.

SSG Phillips and PFC Stahler take this opportunity very seriously. Amongst her several hours of studying, SSG Phillips was asked how well she thought she would do. “I’m going down there to win” was her immediate reply.

SSG Phillips listens to marksmanship improvement tips.

Phillips and Stahler have been working tirelessly on their preparations, but they are not alone. Numerous other Team members as well as Soldiers from local units have volunteered time for aiding training, study and providing a competitive edge.

240B Training.

SPC Marshal, SPC Ray and SGT Mcillon, of the 82nd ABN Pathfinders, volunteer 240B weapons training and yet another tool for the competition.

As Golden Knights, we are defenders and ambassadors, citizens in the uniform of the United States Army. This week is yet another chance to show the American public the diligence, dedication and attention to detail that all of our Team members proudly possess. SSG Phillips and PFC Stahler are presented an opportunity to compete in this annual competition. As would any Team member, they go there not to just compete, but to win. We, like any American Soldier, strive for perfection and settle for nothing less. These two representatives will go forward and represent the Golden Knights as well as all Soldiers fighting to protect our freedom each and every day.

Follow their progress as well as the rest of the Team on Twitter @ArmyGK.

  • Paul Horn

    GK’s always go above and beyond. I was always amazed at how other team members unselfishly supported each other. I was on the team 1979 – 1980 and we are all still friends.

  • http://facebook Wayne Fortenberry

    I was lucky enough to meet some of the Knights in the 60′s when they were training in Fresno, CA. for a & what a great bunch of Men & Women. I am proud to say my cousin (more like my big brother) was a member also.

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