Golden Knights Competition Team Training Camp at Skydive Arizona

Photo by SSG Scott Janise

Training is well underway for the 2011 competition season.  This month, both the Golden Knights 8-Way Team and Women’s 4-Way Team traveled to Skydive Arizona in Eloy, Arizona.  The purpose?  The first training camp of 2011.

In fact, this particular training camp is the first official Golden Knights Women’s 4-way training camp…..EVER!  Hold for applause.  That’s right, the Women’s 4-Way Team is off and running.  Taking advantage of the consistent weather and warmer temperatures of Arizona, they jumped right into the first day and completed ten jumps.  The focus of this training camp was on fundamentals and building overall team cohesion and jump numbers.  The Golden Knights Women’s 4-Way Team isn’t the only all-female team training at Skydive Arizona this month.  The Team met the Brazilian “Ladies First” 4-Way Team.  Check out the picture.

Photo By SSG Drew Starr

The 8-Way Team is also capitalizing on the favorable Arizona weather with 10 jumps per day from 13,500ft.  With a few changes to the 8-Way lineup for the 2011 competition season, the Team is focusing on fundamentals and efficient block execution.  Visible progress has already been made during this training camp, and the 8-Way Team hopes to continue improving throughout the season.

Despite a few windy afternoons and one rainy Saturday, the jumping conditions were better than anyone could have dreamed.  Both teams finished the first full week of training with 48 team jumps.  To close out a solid ten-jump Tuesday, both teams came together for a 12-way formation jump.  The Golden Knights 8-Way Team launched and turned a block, Frisbee-Frisbee.  The Women’s 4-Way Team then docked and turned another point.  The end of the training day sky was filled with black and gold parachutes.  Check out pictures from the jump in the gallery below!

With just under one week left of training and a final goal of 100 team training jumps, the train is at full steam!  Blue Skies!

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