Golden Knights win ASB NCO and Soldier of the Year

From Left to Right, SFC Dunning (Sponsor for the NCO and Soldier of the Year), SPC Stahler (ASB Soldier of the Year), SSG Phillips (ASB NCO of the Year), SGM Young (USAPT Sergeant Major)

SSG Phillips and SPC Stahler, both of the Army Parachute Team, recently competed for the titles of Non-Commisioned Officer and Soldier of the Year for the Accessions Support Brigade. Both competitiors endured a grueling three days of stiff competition. Starting with an Army Physical Fitness Test and ending in an eight hour ride home in a very crowded sedan.

Both members of the Army Parachute Team spent countless hours training and studying in preparation for the competition. Events included the APFT, a board, a written essay and exam all on day one. When day two rolled around they were both relieved to have the board behind them. Rifle marksmanship started day two, with SPC Stahler scoring a 39 of 40 topping all competitors in both categories.SSG Phillips and SPC Stahler prepare to qualify on the AMU's Known Distance Range for the competition.

SPC Stahler performs First Aid at a Soldier's Task stationAfter a short lunch all competitors were transported to one of Fort Benning’s many Land Navagation Ranges. They began with a handful of common Soldier tasks including first aid, correcting a malfunction on an M240 machine gun, hand and arm signals and a map reading quiz. They rolled almost immediately into Day Land Navagation. All competitors did well and it went to show just how close the competition would be in the end. As the sun began to drop behind the Georgia pines, all competitors prepared to test on night land navagation. Every minute of the alloted three hours was used. Soldiers and NCOs alike, returned from the deep woods of Georgia covered in sweat and winded. SSG Phillips and SPC Stahler preparing to test on thier skills in Land Navigation.

The final morning scores for all events were totalled and the winners in both catagories were announced. SSG Phillips, of the Black Demonstration Team, took first place in the NCO category and is now ASB’s non-Commisioned Officer of the Year. SPC Stahler, of Gold Demonstration Team,  took first place in the Soldier category and is now ASB’s Soldier of the Year. Both competitors will move onto the next level of competition to be held at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Should they win again they will be one step closer to NCO and Soldier of the Year for the U.S. Army.

  • John Pozadzides

    Congrats to SSG Phillips and SPC Stahler! That is quite an accomplishment!


    John P.

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