The Golden Knights above Central Virginia!

The Golden Knights Tandem Team took over Dinwiddie County Airport near Petersburg, VA on Tuesday.  The Tandem Team will be in Central Virginia until Friday conducting Tandem jumps for COI’s in the Area.  A “COI” is a person deemed Center of Influence.  This person may be a High School or College Teacher, Principle, Counselor, Dean, Educator or Media personality.  The COI’s will spend most of the day with the Golden Knights learning about different aspects of the Military.  They will also jump out of an airplane 2 ½ miles above the ground, weather permitting.  The relentless waves of violent storms seem to keep rolling through the area keeping the team grounded.  The first day for the Tandem Team lead to members of the Team telling first time jumpers from Regent University and Old Dominion University what its like to free fall at 120 mph instead of showing them.  While this years bad weather has honed the Teams story telling ability, you just can’t capture the true feeling of jumping with the Golden Knights in a story.   As Night set on central VA Wednesday, Tornadoes and Severe weather continue to roll through the Virginia and Mid Atlantic area with no sign of letting up.  Severe Storms are forecasted throughout Thursday but the Team remains optimistic. The first sign of good weather the team will be airborne.  Friday, Mother Nature is expected to cooperate with the Golden Knights and surely the Team will take advantage of a great forecast.  If your in the Central VA area stop by and check out the Tandem Team in action.

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