Virginia’s First Lady Jumps with the Golden Knights!

Friday wrapped up another amazing Tandem Camp for the Golden Knights Tandem Team.  Mother Nature couldn’t keep the Golden Knights grounded any longer.   Blue Skies and light winds were abundant on Friday.  The Tandem Team took full advantage of the great weather fitting in Three days worth of Tandem Jumps into One day.

Virginia’s First Lady Maureen McDonnell and daughter Cailin, made their first Tandem Jump with the Team.  Maureen’s husband is Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.  They came out to show their support for military families living in Virginia.  SFC Joe Jones took the First Lady on her jump while SFC Greg Windmiller took Cailin.  A large crowd came out to watch the First Lady jump out of an airplane with the Golden Knights, and they were not disappointed.  While SFC Jones and McDonnell were descending under their Black and Gold parachute, all waiting on the drop zone could hear her screams of excitement, and laughter of enjoyment.

Also jumping Friday were jumpers from several of Virginia’s Top Universities. . Old Dominion University, Virginia Commonwealth University and Regents University were well represented.  The Universities sent teachers, professors and administrators out to get a close up look of life in the Army.

By the end of the day 18 jumpers shared the blue skies with the Team.  All who jumped had a great experience and a now have a new story to tell about their time with the US Army. Once all jumps were complete the Tandem Team loaded the Twin Otter with nearly 2000 pounds of equipment and sent it on the way to our next stop, Lakehurst New Jersey.

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