Gold Team brings Colors to the Skies at MCAS Beaufort

Gold Demonstration Team painted the skies over Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort for the annual air show “Blues over Beaufort.” The weekend could not have been more perfect, blues skies and cool weather gave the air show the optimal experience for the spectators and performers.

The weekend started off with a press show on Friday evening with a Mass Demonstration. The beautiful background presented Gold Team for a great opportunity to capture the gorgeous coastline of South Carolina.  This air show also gave many of the “New Guys” to learn about the many other Air Show teams that perform such as the Blue Angles, GEICO Skytypers, and Patty Wagstaff’s stunt airplane. On the jumping narrator pass SFC Dustin Peregrin was circled by Parry Wagstaff as she lit the sky with smoke.

Flying  at speeds of 120mph through the skies with smoke grenades burning at twelve hundred degrees and then landing on a concrete runway is merely only how Golden Knights get to work. Our true passion and mission is bringing together America’s Army with America’s Public. This is precisely what Gold Team accomplished over the weekend. After the jumps Gold Team traveled through the crowd shook hands as the team made their way to the U.S. Army recruiter’s tent. At the tent each Team member took personal time to pack parachutes, pose for photos, and answer thousand of questions on what the life of a United States Army soldier and a Golden Knight is about.

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