Mid Atlantic Recruiting Battalion puts on a show in New Jersey!

If your keeping scores the Weather would be winning 4 days to 2 against the Golden Knights Tandem Team.  The Tandem Team only managed one Successful jump day in Richmond VA, and just one out of three days in New Jersey.  The weather seems to keep stealing the headlines from our Tandem Teams mission this year.  Even though the weather only allowed 13 jumpers to experience what the Team does on a daily basis, the overall Army Experience put on by the Mid Atlantic Recruiting Battalion was phenomenal.

LTC Woodmansee, Battalion Commander organized the event for the second year in a row.  This year was even bigger than last.  The Tandem Team was on hand to provide COI’s Tandem Jumps, while the Army Marksmanship unit was there to showcase their remarkable marksmanship skills.  When the COI’s weren’t jumping or watching the shooting demonstration, they were entertained by several High School bands, ROTC Drill Teams, Drill Sergeants, and Military Working dog shows.  LTC Woodmansee also organized UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter flights. COI’s came from all over the North East, from Maryland to Philadelphia and up to Vermont and all of the areas in between.

Tuesday was the first day of the event and the weather held out for a great day of jumping.  Ten COI’s spent the day with the Team learning about various aspects of the military and jumping out of a “perfectly good air plane”.   Lexi Carter a DJ from Thunder 106.5 made her once in a lifetime jump with the Team.  The next day Lexi and Thunder 106.5 broadcasted live from inside one of the largest hangars in the country, originally built to house the Hindenburg. High School and College Educators, Athletic Directors and even New Jersey’s Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno answered the call to jump out of an airplane with the Golden Knights.  Unfortunately Wednesday and Thursday’s weather did not cooperate with us. Soaking rain set in early Wednesday and kept everyone trying to stay warm and dry.  Thursday brought gusty winds and only allowed for one load to fly and three Tandem Passengers to share the Skies with the Golden Knights.  To her disappointment the Lieutenant Governor was unable to get to jump.  She did enjoy the show put on by Xavier High Schools JROTC Drill Team.

The Mid Atlantic recruiting battalion worked hard to ensure all the COI’s had an eye opening experience.  The battalion along with the Golden Knights and the Army Marksmanship Unit worked together as a team to conduct one this years best Army Experiences to date.

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