GK Knocks one out of the Park in Atlanta!

For the Second year in a row the Tandem Team jumped into to Major League Baseballs’ “Civil Rights” game. Last year the team jumped in Cincinnati, OH where the Reds were playing the Cardinals. This year the game featured the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies.The Civil Rights game honors the history of Civil Rights in the United States and Major League Baseball.  The 2011 game was the 5th annual game. The first Civil Rights game was in 2007 and signaled the end of Spring Training for the MLB. In 2009 the game was changed from a Spring Training game to a Regular Season Game.

Despite a not so friendly weather forecast the Team remained optimistic as they visited Turner Field for a sight survey Friday. During the sight survey the Team gets a close inside the park look at the stadium. They look for wires that a hard to see and taller obstacles that should be avoided during the descent into the stadium. On Saturday as the Team took off in their Twin Otter, the clouds were at 2000 feet just barely enough altitude to exit the aircraft. As the Team flew over the stadium to release the WDI’s (Wind Drift Indicators), the clouds began to clear ever so slightly. Moments later the Tandem Team was under high flying Black and Gold canopies making they’re way into the stadium. As each of the jumpers entered the stadium a large roar from the crowd was a welcome sound. The largest cheer came while SSG Reese Pendleton let the crowd know that the 3rd jumper SFC Joe Jones was from near by Stone Mountain, GA, and flying in an Atlanta Braves flag. All four members of the Golden Knights on the jump had soft tip toe landings in center of the outfield.

Great weather led to the jump being a great success. The Golden Knights were honored to be apart of the 5th annual Civil Rights Game.



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