A Little Rain Never Hurt Anybody…

Demonstrators perform site survey of Yankee Stadium

While thousands of New York Yankees and Mets fans huddled in the “Standing room only” sections of Yankee Stadium to avoid the rain, Black Team stood ready to begin their performance. “Rain? rain won’t stop this show,” was the unanimous feeling amongst the team. Baseball fanatics welcomed our Team members with a thunderous New York commendation!

The New York Yankees have worked with the Golden Knights for several years and always prove to be one of our favorite hosts. To return the favor for the nearly two decades of tireless Yankee support, the Golden Knights pulled back all the stops. Along with demonstrators from Black Team, we were proud have three of the Gold Team’s jumpers accompany us, in order to fill the sky with black and gold! With a healthy supply of demonstration parachutists, we created an opportunity to incorporate two separate Canopy Relative Work formations into our performance.

Saturday’s narrator, SPC Matt Navarro, was piloted in a “2-Stack formation” into Yankee Stadium by SSG Howie Sanborn, to kick off the show. Following their “Standby,” they leaped into the pelting rain at 120 miles per hour, 3,500 feet above New York City! With the jumpers actually holding onto each other under canopy, they worked as a single unit for their grand entrance. The “Composite” demonstration team proceeded to provide a top notch performance with safe landings for all.

Preparing for the jump

With an added touch, provided by SSG Chris Clark and SGT Rich Sloan, NYC became witness to a perfectly executed “Side-by-side” formation as they entered the ball field. They became the highlight of the high resolution jumbo-tron at center field for the majority of our performance. They proved that the hard work and tireless training of our Team members creates an all star product when the mission requires it. As such, they became a perfect example of how Golden Knights are an example of the training, discipline, and team work of all American Soldiers deployed overseas, fighting to protect our freedom every day. During Saturday’s game, every New York citizen experienced what comes from the freedom we all fight to provide.

Every day of service by our men and women in uniform yields thanks to all the American Public for their continued support to our military. New York City has again, proved to uphold their profound gratitude and support for the lifestyles they are continually blessed with.

  • http://www.John-Michael.net John Michael

    The US Army’s Ambassadors from the Skies do it again – outstanding!

    Next time … BLUE SKIES!

    Army Strong!

    John Michael

  • Brett Roszell

    Awesome jump! You all did a wonderful job in not so wonderful conditions. It was an honor to pull upper winds for you, and nice to see all of you again. Thank-you again for an exceptional day.

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