Headquarters Hit the Beach

The landing area at Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, NCThe Golden Knights perform at over 50 different locations throughout the United States and internationally every year. On most weekends both the Black and Gold Demonstration Teams are located in seperate locations. The Team receives many many requests to perform at many different events almost on a daily basis. But do to the fact that the Team schedule is created a year out, it is very hard to commit to many of these requests. But on occasion, the Headquarters section, mostly comprised of former Black and Gold demonstration team members, will jump into action. These events are normally close to Fort Bragg, NC and usually a one jump event. This was one of those weekends where both demonstration teams were already committed and the event was one that just needed to be done.

So 7 members of  Headquarters jumped on the UV-18 Twin Otter Saturday morning and flew out to Nags Head, NC for the grand re-opening of the Jennette’s Pier.  SFC Tom Bovee, SFC Elisa Tennyson, SSG Derrick Coleman, and SFC Paul Sachs geared up and showed the Governor of North Carolina Beverly Perdue, many state legislaters and some 4000 spectators of the community of Nags Head, the Black and Gold of the US Army Parachute Team. With the crowd roaring, SSG Coleman brought in the US Flag. Followed by the remainder of the jumpers. Even though it wasn’t the normal 12 team members, the crowd was still excited to see each jumper land for dead centers on the beach. After putting away the gear and signing a few autographs, the Team headed over to the base of the pier to listen to the opening ceremony remarks by Governor Perdue.

Jennette’s Pier changed the Outer Banks by being the first fishing pier when it opened in 1939. For many years locals and visitors enjoyed the long pier out into the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years, numerous hurricanes and severe storms battered the pier but after many repairs and rebuilds, the pier would re-open to fisherman. But in September 2003 Hurricane Isabel demolished over 540 feet of the pier. Closing it down. Then in May 2009, Governor Beverly Perdue along with local and state legislators were on hand for the “sand-breaking” for the new $25 million Jennette’s Pier.  The Jennette’s Pier is a stae of the art “green” technology and innovative design. Three windmills located on the pier will produce roughly 70 percent of the energy to power the main pier facility. The pier will offer classrooms for school and scout outings, science camps, fishing workshops and much more. You can read more about Jennette’s Pier on their website.

Jennettes Pier and Gov Perdue

It was a great event for the community of Nags Head, but also for the jumpers. It was great to get back on show site and interact with the American Public. The community was very inviting and we thank you for your continued support of the US Military.

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