Golden Knights heat the skies at the Joint Service Open House

Representing the Soldiers of the United States Army is one of the greatest jobs in the Army; and Gold Team did that with flying colors this weekend. With blue skies as a back drop, the Gold Demonstration Team performed three jumps this weekend at the Joint Services Open House, Andrews Air Force Base Maryland.  The Golden Knights famed Tandem Team also accompanied us to conduct tandem operations with three members of the community.

As our motto is Army Strong so is the Integrity of our Team.  While each member may move on to different abilities other than being on a Demonstration Team they must still maintain their skills to perform for the American Public. Performance was exactly what our Tandem Team brought to the table as they executed flawlessly in our Mass formations.

The two teams corroborated and performed an outstanding show for the Maryland audience. With eyes glued to the sky the public was wowed at the high speed landings of the Tandem team’s freefall videographers. Together the two teams built Diamond and Wedge formation’s on the Tandem’s.  The entire weekend was another great example of the diverse teams coming together professionally and performing a signature Golden Knight Demonstration.

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