Inducting and Honoring Air Show Performers at Jones Beach


In FormationLow clouds and dense fog are not always a great way to start off an Air Show weekend for Jones Beach New York patrons. However the Air Show weather cleared up just enough to allow the Gold Demonstration Team to perform three jumps. Gorgeous beaches and tough conditions gave the Team a run for their money as we conducted our Full Show. Hard work, dedication, and intense winter training skills all came into play as the demonstrators one after another descended into a tight landing area surrounded by over 100,000 spectators and beach goers.

This Air show marked a unique and special experience for the Golden Knights as we inducted Mr. Shaun D. Tucker as an Honorary Golden Knight. Mr. Tucker has been supporting the Golden Knights for years at Air Shows through his unique flying skills. It was truly an honor to be a part of the Golden Knights on this special occasion.

During our weekend we dedicated our Full Show performance to Mrs. Amanda Franklin a long time Aerobatics Wing Walker whom passed away this week due to an accident. She will always be remembered and never forgotten. Our hearts reach out to the Franklin family.

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