When the Airshow Needs Help, Black Team Steps Up.

Millville’s Wheels and Wing’s Airshow had a full line-up for this last weekend! However, Thursday morning brought bad news. Their headlining act cancelled, leaving the entire airshow in a bad position.

After the Airshow made their announcement about the cancellation, Black Team and Viper West offered to step up to the plate. Black Team planned to perform twice during each show day and Viper West offered to close out the Airshow, helping the community survive the last minute line-up change.

Many concerned locals wondered, “Is the entire airshow cancelled?” The Golden Knights strove to change the community’s outlook. Black Team, in coordination with Millville’s Public Affairs Office and other performers, worked diligently to bring awareness and support back to the show. Filling every Golden Knight media seat during Friday’s practice day, several interviews, photos and television broadcasts were created and aired prior to Saturday’s opening. Reaching all the way to Philadelphia, Atlantic City and beyond, thousands were able to view newspaper articles and NBC 40′s telecast about Black Team’s involvement and the show’s continuance, regardless of cancellations.

Great weather and extensive media attention encouraged over 40,000 spectators to continue their attendance Saturday and Sunday. The Black Demonstration Team performed a mass show each morning, while incorporating a show line spread. This is where every member of the Team picks a landing point along the show line, allowing every spectator to see an up close, Golden Knight, parachute landing. Canopy Relative Work, as well as high-speed, sport parachutes were also employed during each of these performances.

Each afternoon became Black Team’s moment to shine. Filling in during the busiest portion of the day, we turned spectators’ eyes to the sky as the Team filled empty time with our Full Show and signature C-31 Fly-By! We continued by conducting our ground performance, introducing every member of the Team and presenting our 14 inch mahogany batons to selected individuals.

The Golden Knights received an exceptional welcome after every performance! It continued further, while walking through the crowd, packing our parachutes and signing autographs at the local Army display. Show sponsors and coordinators shared a warm gratitude for the extensive help and support that Black Team provided to the show.

While the Golden Knights received an abundance of thanks, it’s important to revisit what we represent. Every American Soldier deserves the same, if not more gratitude on this Memorial Weekend! We represent the face of the Army. Every one of our Soldiers, along with all Sailors, Marines and Airmen work together as a single unit to protect our great Nation. Black Team became part of a team effort this last weekend, to push forward in spite of poor news. This is the daily mission of all American Warriors; to push forward… They deserve, and will always appreciate your support and gratitude.

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