Between Performances

The American public sees the high flying, black and gold of the US Army Parachute Team during each of our performances. Whether it is displayed at an air show, football game, military event, or special appearance, we strive to bring a positive light to America’s armed forces.

The Golden Knights have many different performances, from different altitudes, with different parachutes, and in many different wind conditions. If we were to rely on our scheduled performance jumps alone, each Team member would struggle to stay current with each of these different maneuvers. This is where our highly valued, “Down-Time” between performances, comes into play.

The US Army Parachute Team conducts our jump operations out of the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport, while at our home station, Ft. Bragg, NC. When the Black or Gold Demonstration Teams have time, while at home, we regularly schedule our C-31 jump aircraft for training days. This past week brought both Demonstration Teams together during a 3-week down time. Our Fokker C-31 Troopship provided a jump platform for both demonstration teams. This was a valuable refresher for both teams. Not only did it keep our demonstration parachutists in the air for general currency, it also provided an intra-team cohesion. Both Black and Gold Teams shared the sky over Laurinburg, NC during these three days. They operated as a single unit, promoting a standardized training and operational practice. This is a valuable tool within the Team, because our demonstrators, as well as other jumpers within the Team, regularly travel with other sections of the Golden Knights.

As with any Army unit, we “Train as we fight.” If we plan on traveling outside our individually designated team, we can expect to train with the other team as well. This week’s training, as with all of our training days, was a success and promoted a safe and enjoyable show for all audiences.

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