The Countdown to 2011 CISM begins….

SSG Acevedo before dead center

SSG Acevedo before dead center at the 2010 CISM in Switzerland

The 5th Counseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) World Games is less than three weeks away.  Actually, there are less than nine training days until the members of the US Army Parachute Team depart for Brazil.  These Golden Knights will represent the United States in the 36th World Military Parachuting Championships, one of twenty world championships to form the World Games this year. Once every four years, much like the Olympics, all of the sports which participate in CISM come together to compete in a collaborative World Games.  This year, from approximately 15 July to 25 July, 110 different countries will participate.  CISM was initially formed at the end of WWII in 1948.  It was formed with the spirit of friendship through sports, which is actually the motto of the CISM games.  Of the twenty sports, fifteen are Olympic sports; marathon, boxing, basketball, fencing, equestrian, soccer, judo, swimming, modern pentathlon, taekwondo , shooting, triathlon, sailing, volleyball and beach volleyball.  The remaining five sports are military; orienteering, parachuting, naval pentathlon; military pentathlon and aeronautical pentathlon.  The Parachuting Championships will be held at Resende Municipal Airport, Resende, Brazil.

Silver for overall womens team

Silver for overall womens team at the 2010 CISM in Switzerland

This year, the men and women of the Golden Knights are training hard for the World Games.  This year, which is different from previous years, there are only two parachuting events; Formation Skydiving and Classic Accuracy.  The Men’s team for 2011 consists of SFC Brian Krause, SFC Kurt Isenbarger, SFC Matt Davidson and SSG Sean Sweeney.  SFC Greg Windmiller was slotted to compete as the 5th member of the Men’s team but, due to a shoulder injury, will not be able to attend.  The Women’s team consists of SFC Elisa Tennyson, SFC Angela Nichols, SSG Laura Dickmeyer, SSG Dannielle Woosley and SGT Jennifer Schaben.  SSG Scott Janise will be the freefall videographer for both the Men’s and Women’s team.


In the days leading up to and during the competition, we will be posting information and photos of the event’s progress.  Stay tuned!  For more information on CISM, check out  Until the next update, Blue Skies!

German Team

German Team at the 2010 CISM in Switzerland

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