CISM 2011 – Day 1 is Complete!

Day one of CISM 2011 is officially complete.  The Golden Knight Women’s Team have finished three rounds of formation skydiving while the Golden Knight Men’s Team completed two rounds of classic accuracy and one round of formation skydiving. The schedule for tomorrow includes Women’s classic accuracy and Men’s formation skydiving.  The GK Men have already completed the first round of FS so they will be waiting a while before they get to jump again.  The GK Women should be on the first couple of loads, as soon as the fog layer clears.  These past few mornings have been laden with fog until 10 or 10:30 am.  Then jumping kicks off.  The accuracy conditions for this competition have been especially tricky early in the morning.  The wind speed and direction has been light and variable, making it difficult to plan an approach to the tuffet, even for the most seasoned competitors.  Also, on the schedule of events for tomorrow is the opening ceremony here in Resende.  Pictures are abundant from this event so be sure to check them out below.  To keep updated on the competition progress, check out


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