CISM 2011 – Day 3 Pictures and Current Standings, as promised







The close of day three brought the weather. The GK Women were able to complete through the 6th round of formation skydiving and one more round of classic accuracy.  The GK Men were able to complete two rounds of classic accuracy but the clouds rolled in before any formation skydiving rounds could be completed.  The GK Women remain in third place for the classic accuracy and still in first for formation skydiving.  The GK Men are still in third place in formation skydiving.  Just in case you missed it, here is a total recap of the formation skydiving scores, by round.

GK Men – Round 1 – 34, Round 2 – 28.

GK Women – Round 1 – 29, Round 2 – 24, Round 3 – 25, Round 4 – 22, Round 5 – 22, Round 6 – 24.

The website displaying the results is is now operational.  The only catch is that the website does not show the number of rounds left.  This may have caused a little confusion for everyone checking it regularly.  Just so you can keep track, there are eight rounds of formation skydiving and ten rounds of classic accuracy (two of those rounds being individual).  We will continue to jump until we complete all rounds or run out of time on the 23rd of July 2011.  Hope this helps everyone out!

And, as promised, I have included pictures from the past few days.  Enjoy and Blue Skies!!


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