CISM 2011 – The Start of Day 3

Good morning, everyone!  We are currently awaiting a call for Men’s Classic Accuracy, round 4, and Women’s Formation Skydiving, round four.  Here is a quick update on the rankings, so far, down here in Brazil for the 36th Military World Parachuting Championships.  The Golden Knight Men completed three rounds of classic accuracy and two rounds of formation skydiving (FS).  Only the first round of FS has been judged.  The GK Men scored 34 points in the 35 seconds of time allotted.  This puts them in third place, thus far, behind Germany and Belgium.

The Golden Knight Women completed four rounds of classic accuracy and sit in third place.  They have also completed three rounds of FS.  The scores for those rounds are as follows; Round 1 – 29 points, Round 2 – 24 points, Round 3 – 25 points.  This place the GK Women on top, in first place!  With five rounds to go, the ladies are keeping their motivation and focus high.

The official opening ceremonies for the parachuting portion of the World Games took place last night.  The auditorium was filled with all of the countries in their best service uniforms to hear the Commander of AMAN, the military academy, and the appointed CISM representative give words of encouragement and fortuity for the competition still to come.

Due to the extremely unreliable internet connection, photos will be coming at a later time.  Since weather may be an issue in the days to come, the competition pace will speed up to squeeze as many rounds in as possible.  Stay tuned here for frequent updates, since I am informed the CISM website is slow to post. Blue Skies!

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