What Does This Button Do??

SFC Dave Herwig runs the TriCaster during Cali Lewis' show, "GeekBeat Live" at Livid Lobster Studios in Addison, TX.

SFC Dave Herwig and SGT Rachel Medley spent the week in Addison, TX to learn how to operate a new piece of equipment that the Golden Knights plan to use to broadcast live footage over the internet.

The TriCaster, which weighs 45 pounds and costs about as much as a brand new mid-sized sedan, has 8 camera input jacks, as well as audio and data inputs. There is one output, where it streams out the footage being controlled by the operator. Companies such as CNN and ESPN use it for live news and sporting events…it’s like a studio in a box. The Team recently purchased a TriCaster, and there are plans in the works to do regular live broadcasts on a weekly basis to give fans, friends, family, and Soldiers an inside and unique view into what the team does on an everyday basis.

A view of the controls of the TriCaster from the hot seat during the setup for the conference Saturday.

Livid Lobster Media, based in Addison, TX, has been working closely with SFC Herwig and SGT Medley for the past year, teaching them how to build and maintain the website you are looking at right now, optimizing the Team’s social media presence, and developing ideas for video and audio podcast possibilities. SFC Herwig and SGT Medley attended the blog conference OpenCamp last year, where they met John Pozadzides (CEO of Livid Lobster Media) and began tackling the social media mountain. The Team already had a Facebook and Twitter account, but with not many followers and minimal structure and focus. John P. helped SFC Herwig to streamline the web interaction with fans a followers, as well as helping the Team build a blog and increase their social media following. In the year since the website launched, the team has published more than 390 blog posts and built a following of more than 1200 on twitter.

The US Army Parachute Team has a unique mission, which continually finds them in the public spotlight. What better way to maximize this mission than to stream live to millions of viewers on the internet directly from the GK website! In today’s age of instant information at everyone’s fingertips, it’s not enough any more to wait for tv news stations to invite the Team to appear on news programs. Within the next few months, the Team’s live stream should be up and running. After this week’s training and a few trial runs back at Fort Bragg, you can expect to see the GK Live Show over the web waves soon.

While training at the Livid Lobster Studios, SGT Medley made an appearance on the show GeekBeat Live, a live tech talk show hosted by John P. and Cali Lewis. She showed off her freefall photography equipment during the “gadget” section of the one-hour show. SFC Herwig took control of the TriCaster for the entire show. It was good practice for when she and SFC Herwig launch the GK’s live show later this year. See the clip here.

Watch live video from Livid Lobster on Justin.tv

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