Golden Knights Win Gold, Times Two!!

The Women’s division of the 36th Military World Parachuting Championships officially finished today.  The Golden Knight Women’s Team won Gold in Formation Skydiving with a total of 197 points over eight rounds.  This gives them an average of 24.6, a personal best for this first year team.  The GK Women also picked up Silver in Team Classic Accuracy, beating out Kazakhstan by 1 centimeter.  This also gives the GK Women the Gold medal for overall country.  As far as the team members can recall, the USA Women have never won Gold for overall country and the last time the USA Men took home a Gold for overall country was sometime in the 1970’s.  On top of all of this, these medals are the first for the USA in the 5th World Military Games.  The members of the GK Women, SFC Angela Nichols, SSG Laura Dickmeyer, SSG Dannielle Woosley, SGT Jen Schaben and SFC Elisa Tennyson, and their videographer, SSG Scott Janise, enjoy a well-earned toast over the win.

The GK Men have officially completed their Classic Accuracy run at CISM.  They still have two more rounds of Formation Skydiving to complete.  The GK Men are holding strong in third place behind Germany and Belgium.  The weather over the next few days is supposed to be questionable but keep your fingers crossed.  The official end of the competition will be mid-day of 23 July 2011.  The award ceremony and banquet will follow that night.  For additional pictures and results, check out  Until next time, Blue Skies!



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