Strong Finish to First Half of Season


The Golden Knights are regulars at the annual Dayton Vectran Air Show in Ohio, so when Gold Team arrived in town this last weekend was like seeing some old friends. The show hosted nearly 30,000 spectators, from first-timers to seasoned vets. The weather was great all weekend and made the show enjoyable for everyone…not least of all the jumpers!

The Team did their normal daytime demonstration, but this time with a bit of a twist: synchronized swoop landings! It’s a treat for the crowd, and not a maneuver that is seen at every show. You see, the skill and precision required to perform this maneuver takes years of practice. The two jumpers who perform the moves must have complete trust and confidence in each other, and have no doubts in the other’s ability. The two jumpers set up for landing within 100 feet of each other, side-by-side, and perform high-speed landings across the crowd line at up to 60 miles per hour!

The Team wrapped up the weekend with a visit from Ohio Congressman Cliff Rosenberger. The Congressman took a few moments to thank the Team members for their hard work in representing the hundreds of thousands of service members in the military today.

When the Team arrived home to Fort Bragg Monday, the collective sigh of rest and relaxation for a job well done resonated a little more than usual. The Team’s arrival home marks the beginning of a two-week mid-season break, during which many of the Team members will travel home to see their families and recharge for the second half of the show season. Things might be a little quiet around here for the next couple weeks, but we’ll be back strong as ever for our first demo out of the gates August 12th.

Blue Skies!


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