Training for a World Record!

What does it take to be on a world record skydive?  Two members of the Golden Knights Tandem Team are training to be on the 2012 Vertical Formation World Record jump.  The jump will take place in July of 2012, which is now less than a year away.  To be on the jump, all interested jumpers must take part in a series of tryout and skills camps. 

During the tryout or skills camp, jumpers are assessed in various areas required to make the World Record safe and successful.  Jumpers must be able to safely fly to their slot in a formation that is traveling over 160 mph.  Jumpers must fly to their slot as quickly as possible to allow other jumpers a chance to build their part of the formation.  Jumpers must also be able to break away from a large vertical formation in the safest manor possible. Click here to see a footage from a jump by SSG Joe Abeln during the recent Big Way Skills Camp .  If a jumper lacks one of these valuable skills they will not be invited to attend the world record jump.  Over the course of the next year these skills camps will be held in Arizona, California, Florida and Illinois.  In addition to the US camps, camps will be held across Europe to make sure the best jumpers around the world are selected for the jump.  The Golden Knights will hopefully be able to represent the US Army on the next World Record Jump


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