Golden Knights 8-Way Wins The World Cup!

If you have been following the GK-8 over the past week, you know they have been competing against the top 8-Way Formation Skydiving teams from around the world.  Yesterday, that exciting competition ended with the GK-8 taking home Gold at the 2011 Parachuting World Cup, Saarlouis, Germany. 

Weather prevented the completion of the tenth round of the meet but it was a close race all the way up until the ninth round.  Through six rounds, the Team managed to gain a 4 point lead on the reigning 8-Way Champions- France.  Each point was hard earned, as the French posted very impressive scores as well.  Round seven presented a fast sequence of formations, and the Knights got off track in the middle of the skydive, resulting in a 4 point loss to the French for the round.  The French capitalized on their momentum in round eight, gaining on GK-8 and taking over the lead by only one point.  The weather threatened to end the competition early but the teams and organizers held out hope.  It paid off.  With storms looming in the distance, the GK-8 and the French 8-Way team boarded a Supervan 900 for round 9 while the remaining team cheered them on.  The Golden Knight Women’s 4-Way and other members of the USA team waited for them in the landing area, flag flying.  As soon as SFC Brian Krause swooped in for a landing with a smile on his face, everyone knew the jump was a success.  Unfortunately, the skies opened up shortly afterward and rain poured over the whole camp.  This delayed judging just a little.  Members of the Golden Knights faced the torrential downpour to get to the judging tent, a small, not exactly waterproof tent with a direct feed from the judges.  Members of the French team did the same.  The USA was judged first and finished with a clean score of 19 points.  The French team was next.  They received a score of 17 points, putting the Golden Knights in Gold position by one point.  The meet was called due to weather and time.  It was a tough competition until the very last and the GK-8 were honored to compete against a team as good as the French 8-Way team.  The Golden Knights look forward to going up against them again.

The Golden Knights Women’s 4-Way also competed in Women’s 4-Way in Saarlouis, Germany.  This was the first showing of the team at an International Parachuting Committee (IPC) competition.  The GK Women finished in fourth place with an all time high IPC average of 15.3.

With this competition officially in the books, the Golden Knights Competition team heads home to North Carolina for a little rest and recovery.  Then it is back to the grindstone, preparing for the 2011 US Nationals, to be held at the end of October at Skydive Arizona, Eloy, AZ.  Until next time, Blue Skies!






  • LTC Joe Martin

    Way to represent the USA, our Army and our Team! #ArmyStrong #WorldChampions

  • jaime aguillon

    Great job knight.

  • Jens Oberhellmann

    an outstanding performance…as it was expected from such professional soldiers.
    Greetings from German Army. blue skies or as we say :”ALLZEIT GLÜCK AB”

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