Black Team Wows Boston-Portsmouth Air Show

The Boston-Portsmouth Air Show was a delight, for Black Team. From the 12th through the the 14th of August, this past weekend. Black Team enjoyed entertaining hundreds of thousands of spectators in the New Hampshire and Maine area. Along with observing several world class stunt pilots and enjoying two separate jet teams, patrons gazed in awe, as our jumpers leapt from the C-31 jump platform at 12,500 feet.

Black Team was successful, in performing all 5 of the scheduled performances.  Precision landing accuracy, show-line spreads and high performance canopies were demonstrated. Saturday and Sunday’s afternoon performances also yielded the intentional cut-away maneuver as well. This demonstrates the emergency procedures that would normally take place should an actual emergency occur. The jumper wears three parachutes  instead of the two normally worn. He or she will deploy the first parachute much higher than normal and intentionally force it to malfunction.

The Portsmouth weather provided nothing short of perfect jumping conditions throughout the weekend. Every performance was conducted from our full jump altitude, 12,500 feet above the ground. After each of the morning performances, spectators near the Army recruiting tents were ecstatic to help jumpers pack their main parachutes.

Every member of the Golden Knights understands an unexpected truth. While we are commonly viewed as jumping from aircraft as a living, this is a common misconception. Jumping is how we simply get to work. Once we are on the ground, it is our privilege to entertain audiences of all ages. This weekend, the Boston-Portsmouth Air Show provided a unique opportunity to Black Team. Thousands of Boy Scouts were present during the air show. They ran sales, sold food, helped park cars and basically found numerous ways to volunteer and raise money. Boy Scouts are such great young Americans. They understand the value of money, planning, hard work and teamwork. They sacrifice hundreds of hours of their personal time during their teenage years, to help the community and additionally, set them up for success. Black Team had a profound opportunity placed before them during this show. We had the opportunity to speak to large assembly of Boy Scouts after the finalizing of Saturday’s events.

SFC Brian Sealing, a former Eagle Scout, was proud to stand before them and share his story. He spoke of the numerous ways his life was enriched from his Boy Scout experiences. Telling his “Army Story” and a history of his life, provided a first hand account of the importance of hard work and dedication. These scouts looked up to the visiting members of Black Team with awe and inspiration. After answering several questions and performing an equipment demonstration, the Boy Scouts were eager for what their lives held  in store for them.

Any time young Americans can improve their outlooks on life, simply from socializing with one of our Team members, we can be satisfied with a job well done. Black Team was proud to have the opportunity to make a small impact on the lives of these Boy Scouts.

  • darla crowell

    the pic of u all on the ground talking to the people signing pic , My daughter Christin is i the brown top with the blue pack on is a member of Venturing Crew 27 , from Canaan NH , They had a Great weekend ,cant wait till next yr ,

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