SGM Young, Future Soldier and CSM Hendreth pose for mom!

SGT Richard Sloan Jumps in the American Flag as SGT Perez catches flag.

Members of the Gold, US Army Parachute Team, Golden Knights burst through the beautiful glimmering blue skies of the Atlantic coast for the opening of Thunder Down Under Air and Water Show at precisely 11:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. Thousands of excited fans lined the Boardwalk, filled the beaches and over 1,600 boats were surrounding the waters hundreds of yards from the beach along the island from Brigantine down to Ventnor.

CMD Applause

Sergeant Tom Pryjda jumped in the Nations Colors as the American Anthem was sang to a crowd of fans with salutes and hands reverently placed on their hearts with great pride to be living in this great country and was proceeded with shouts of joy, screaming and cheering.

SFC JD Berentis Gold Team Leader flies in the distinctive Army Logo Parachute

 Sergeant 1stClass J.D. Berentis led his twelve member team to show center after a dazzling red smoke dancing dog-bone hybrid formation in the sky. Each parachutist glided over the majestic city in front of the Trump Tower to mark a phenomenal dead center landing as the team Sergeant Major Young. Command Sergeant Major Hendreth and a first time performance for the Accessions New Commander, Colonel Rado watched the precision demonstration.

SGT Pendleton presents batton

Following the demonstration SGT George Perez escourted the Baton Recipient to meet the team and be awarded a special gift in recognition of his service to the Country. SGT  Reese Pendleton passed him a Baton, which was passed in mid-air  at 10,000 feet over the Boardwalk.

SGM Young, CSM Hendreth,COL Rado and SGT Medley watching as team crosses skyline

SSG Chris Clark jumping in the Black and Gold Army Parachute in front of Trump Tower

Following the parachute demonstration members of the team packed parachutes, greeted the American Public and signed autographs on the boardwalk in front of the Army Recruiting tents.

Atlantic City Merchants were thrilled with the astronomical record-setting crowd of over 800,000 attendees for the Air and water show that meant record breaking business for some local shops and restaurants. Dave Shultz said We had 62 performers that put on fantastic displays in five-and-a-half-hours.”

SFC JD Berentis, Gold Team Leader signs autographs infront of Army Recruiting Booth

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