Tandem Team in Chicago for the Week

SSG Joe Abeln takes a passenger for a ride out the door of the Golden Knights' Twin Otter aircraft (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

The Golden Knights Tandem Team set up shop in Ottawa, IL this week at Skydive Chicago. The Team will conduct anywhere from 15 to 25 tandems per day at what is arguably the nicest skydiving facility in the country. The view is spectacular! The drop zone is located next to a winding river and surrounded by endless corn and soybean fields.

Today’s passengers came from as far away as Milwaukee, WI to experience their first freefall parachute jump. The passengers were coaches, administrators, and  teachers in the local area and got to jump with the Golden Knights as a “thank you” for their continued support of the local recruiting efforts.

The new Ascessions Support Brigade Commander, COL Mark Rado, was on hand to observe operations, and what better way for him to see what the Team does than to let them throw him out of a perfectly good…ahem…I mean nicely painted aircraft! COL Rado and CSM Hendreith spent the day with the Team today and soaked up all the beautiful weather.

The Tandem Team will be at Skydive Chicago until Sunday. If you are in the area and would like to come out and watch the jumps, please feel free!! Spectating is free, and the facilities at Skydive Chicago offer many amenities including a cafe, gear and gift shop, and freefall school. If you’re not on the list to jump with the Golden Knights, you can always schedule a tandem jump at Skydive Chicago. It’s something you’ll never forget!!

The winds were perfect for tip toe landings today at SkyDive Chicago in Ottawa, IL

The Golden Knights' new Brigade Commander, COL Mark Rado, was in good hands this morning on his first skydive ever. The Battalion Commander LTC Joe Martin exits just behind the tandem pair (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

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