Black Team Jumps Into the Kansas City Air Expo


The Black Demonstration Team was honored to attend the Kansas City Air Expo between the 19th and 21st of August. Shortly after our arrival, the Team prepared for a night drop. One of the most fun performances that the Golden Knights perform is our famed night jump. The Team steps out of our C-31 jump aircraft at 12,500 feet and ignites pyrotechnics attached to their feet.

While spectators turned their eyes upward, they witnessed several long streaks of light in the sky. Black Team demonstrated the mobility of the human body, while in free fall at 120 miles per hour. 5 separate trails of pyrotechnics slowly closed together to create one geometric formation. As 5 trails becomes one, the single trail of light becomes a brilliant beacon in the sky, for all to witness. The night performance is especially impressive because the “Bomb burst” maneuver is so dramatic. All jumpers turn and streak away from the center, similar to what would be seen with a fireworks display. This creates a separation between jumpers, allowing for safe and unobstructed openings.

The rest of the weekend yielded great weather and safe jumps. The Team enjoyed visiting with spectators at the local Army display after Saturday and Sunday’s opening ceremonies. Black Team always makes it a point to share the story of the American Soldier. We find the opportunity to answer questions about the military, our history and free fall parachuting. This is additionally, a great opportunity to fulfill one of the roles as a Golden Knight. We perform live aerial demonstrations to help with Army public relations and recruiting efforts.

Black Team finished the weekend with a positive attitude, looking forward to returning for future performances.

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