Golden Knights Kick Off the Cleveland National Air Show


Saturday was the first day of the Cleveland National Air Show. Members of the Black Team, 8-way Competition Team and the Tandem Team were proud to be the opening act of the 3-day show. To open the show, the Team flew the Canadian Flag as well as our National Colors to the respective Anthems.

Mr. John Mangles, a local science columnist, was the lucky recipient of an up close experience of a Golden Knight Jump. He was selected to experience free fall first hand, by participating in a Tandem jump with members of the Golden Knight’s Tandem Team.

Members of the Team opened the show by performing a Mass formation from 12,500 feet over Cleveland, OH. After giving all air show guests an up close look of a Golden Knight landing, with our show line spread, we headed to the Army displays. There, the Team continued to share the story of the American Soldier and provide packing demonstrations.

Army fans were eager to enter the extravagant Army displays and see what was there, to offer. After walking by the HMMWV, tank, 5-ton and the drag racer, they were able to enter the large Army tent, receive dog tags and meet the Team. All who were interested, were able to have their Golden Knights brochures autographed by the entire Team.

As an additional treat, Black Team was honored to host our Brigade Commander, COL Rado, and our Command Sergeant Major, CSM Hendrieth. COL Rado was even willing to take up the offer, presented by the Team, and jump with us. He suited up and flew with the Team to 12,500 feet where he was able to make a Tandem jump with SFC Joe Jones. They were able to lead the Team in free fall as they flew the lead slot in the Diamond Formation, concluding the Full Show.

As we travel, we are fortunate to meet many influential people of our American History. Today was no exception. Every member of this weekend’s Team was truly honored to meet 4 members of the Tuskegee Airmen. At the conclusion of our Full Show, we were honored to present each of them with a baton, that was flown in free fall, as a profound thanks for their service to this country. We were able to represent the feelings and emotions of the entire air show and its patrons as we walked them through our line, in front of nearly 100,000 spectators.

Black Team, 4 members of our 8-way competition team, and 2 of our Tandem Team members are looking forward to the two days, that are to follow. We long for great weather and to continue performing safe free fall demonstrations for the American Public. As always, we want to make sure that they realize that the American People are the reason we are able to do what we do. Our American Armed Forces would be crippled without the support that is provided every day, such as at the Cleveland National Air Show.

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