The Gold Demonstration Team traveled to Patuxent River, Maryland this past weekend in support of the  PAX River Airshow. This years airshow included many favorites from the U.S. Navy Blues Angels to the smaller acts of the Curtis Pusher. All teams came together to provide a much needed rest and relaxation to the surrounding communities of Patuxent area that have been so devastated by Hurricane Irene. Even with the airshow taking place, there were over 3’000 homes without power in the nearby towns.

In addition to the airshow for Saturday and Sunday Gold Team traveled to nearby Green Holly Elementary school to share with the students the life of a U.S. Army Soldier and of course the excitement of being a Golden Knight. The Team gave a video brief overview of what the Team would perform on Saturday and Sunday and then proceeded into demonstrations of parachute operations.

This year’s airshow was geared up with an extra punch for Pax River with the 8-way Competition Team traveling along with Gold Team to perform along side with formation skydiving and synchronized swoop landings. The fast moving landings were a huge hit with the crowd. The oohs-and-ahhs  of the Team traveling across the ground and high rates of speed surely caught the attention of some 150’000 residents.

Gold Team returns to Fort Bragg for two days and then we are off to Akron, Colorado for a beautiful mountainous scenery to follow.



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