Gold Team Rocks Out Akron Coloardo

Mass formation over Akron CO

Gold Demonstration Team kicks off the Akron Air Show with signature blue skies and great weather over Colorado.  Gold Team performed their first jump into the Otis High School Friday night football game.  The show consisted of our mass formation followed by an impressive 3 stack canopy relative work formation.  Upon landing, Gold Team was greeted by an overwhelming response from the spectators.  All in attendance enjoyed the amazing display of teamwork and precision that is carried out by the Men and Women of the United States Army Parachute Team.

Saturday morning the Team began the day with another mass formation painting the blue skies with shades of red smoke that each of the jumpers wore while in free fall.  The Akron area was surrounded by hundreds of spectators and airshow patrons enjoying all of the beautiful sights.

Gold Team was honored in presenting our signature baton during our Full Show to Mr. Bill Justice a retiree of more than 20 years now. Mr. Justice served in Korea and Vietnam and truly is a great American Hero.  As we turn the corner into the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center we took a moment in our show the thank the American public for all the continued support and dedication to our men and women serving overseas.

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