Teammates Final jump

 After a full day of training on Monday, members of the Golden Knights 8 Way Team were honored to spend one final afternoon with a former teammate.  William Harrell, known affectionately to his teammates as Buzz, was a member of the US Army Parachute Team beginning in the 1970′s.  His last wish was to be able to make one more jump with his teammates.  Monday afternoon he did just that.  His family gathered plane side at the Golden Knights training facility at Laurninburg Maxton airport where they shared memories and loving thoughts.  

Members of the Golden Knights, past and present then boarded the UV-18 Twin Otter, and headed for 13,000 feet above North Carolina.  After exiting the aircraft members of the Competition Team completed a memorial formation and released Buzz’s ashes above the North Carolina countryside, allowing their teammate to remain eternally in the sky he loved so much.

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