Black Team Psychs Up Maryland and WVU Fans Before the Game

Prior to any college football game, participants begin their individual routines. Coaches and players rally together, maintenance crews prepare the field, photographers prepare their equipment and finally… Fans filter in and get psyched up for the game! That’s where Black Team stepped in.

Black Team kicked off the WVU @ Maryland football game on Saturday, 17 September. It was our mission to jump in the game ball, wear the Team colors and to properly prepare the loyal Maryland fans for the game.

Flying the Maryland state flag, SSG Howie Sanborn and SPC Matt Navarro flew a 2-stack into the stadium, landing on the field. Addionally the POW/MIA was proudly flown, paying tribute to all of our heroes who have been held prisoner of war or are still missing in action.

Receiving several minutes of live, national television coverage, Black Team represented the thousands of men and women that risk their lives daily, protecting this great Nation and its freedoms. Maryland and WVU fans were proud of their American Heritage and stood together with pride, as members of Black Team flew the black and gold parachutes onto the field. After the first jumper lands, they can be heard chanting, “USA, USA…” in this youtube video:

Mark Goldman, a Photographer for over 30 years, covering a wide range of sports events, was pleased to provide the Team with photos from the ground. He’s a regular contributor to Sports Illustrated and ESPN as well as published in a myriad of national and international publications and several books. The ground photos, from the gallery below are his compliments and are Copyright 2011 Mark Goldman/goldminephotos. They can also be found at


  • Carol/Mom

    So proud of my son, SSG Howie Sanborn! Go Black Team!!

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