Connecticut’s Tribute to Fallen Heroes

Every year, for nearly a decade, this local community in Trumbull, Connecticut has pulled together to create an amazing event. The CT Fallen Heroes Foundation, Inc. has managed to create an annual tribute to honor the men and women in uniform, that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. They recognize members of our armed forces that have laid down their lives in support of the freedoms that define this great Nation. Black Team was honored to participate!

The weather was perfect and the Tribute was a great success. Gold Star families felt appreciated and truly blessed by the moving ceremony and unveiling of the statue, by its sculptor, Mr. Peter Rubino. Ceremonial gifts were given, a military band and colorguard were proud to assist, and this past year’s fallen heroes were truly honored by this local community.

The CT Fallen Heroes Foundation, Inc. has captured everything that today’s Soldiers need from our American citizens. This incredible support and gratitude of our fallen comrades is exactly what our service men and women need to see. It gives us courage when needed. It represents how our great Nation stands behind us. It captures the very heart of America, and how they will always remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. If all of our American Citizens could take this example and capture even a portion of its signifance, members of our military would be unstoppable, in every aspect.

Black Team stepped out of our C-31 jump aircraft at 3,500 feet and began the performance. We understood that we were not the center of attention and that we were not there for our personal glory, or even for the team. We were there to honor our fallen comrades. We landed on the target after a “Stack out” maneuver, and began our introductions. We felt fortunate to meet a WWII veteran and present him with a baton, which was flown in free fall, during our performance.

I hope this community continues to receive the same support that it has with years past. The community, donating thousands of dollars, has helped this organization to create a moving experience for all of those wishing to honor their family members, who no longer come home.

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