Duke vs. FSU

Black Team was proud to perform for one of our home state football teams. A short flight north of our headquarters, in Ft. Bragg, is Duke University. They hosted the Duke vs. FSU game on Saturday, the 15th of October and were proud to invite the Golden Knights to perform in the pregame festivities, once again.

Stepping out, at 3 thousand feet, Black Team opened up the game and brought in the game ball. Hailing the Duke flag, as well as representing our nation and its heroes with the POW/MIA and US flags, Black Team was eager to put on a show. Being that it was Duke’s, “Military Appreciation Day,” we were honored to attend. The winds cooperated and the crowd was extatic! Performing so close to our home is always a pleasure.

Duke took its first opportunity, once the game started, to recognize the Team. At the very first media time-out, Black Team returned to the field and was introduced to the entire stadium, once again.

Duke University has always set the bar high for military appreciation and awareness. They have consistently made it a priority throughout their campus. It’s great to see such an abundant appreciation near the the home of the Airborne, Ft. Bragg, NC.

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