UFO’s return to El Paso?

The 2011 air show season has finally reached an end for Black Team. This weekend, Black Team, along with 5 others, from Gold Team and Tandem Team, flew all the way to Western Texas for the Amigo Airshow.

After last year’s publicity about suspected UFO sightings, the Amigo Airshow was happy to invite the Team back again. By performing another night-pyro jump, we are eager to see if this year’s turn out is similar. On Friday night, the Team lit their pyrotechnics and flew a mass formation from 10,000 feet above the ground. Trailing sparks for hundreds of feet during our 120 miles per hour free fall, El Paso witnessed the similar display, yet again.

Saturday and Sunday brought perfect weather, warm temperatures and light winds. It was the perfect weekend for our final air show of the year. To close out the year, we made it our mission to demonstrate the diligent teamwork that is reflected across our entire Team, as well as throughout the air show industry.

By bringing demonstrators from several sections of the Golden Knights, we showed how standardization in our maneuvers allows us to remain versatile. Building formations in free fall, 3-stack canopy relative work (CRW) formations, target accuracy and utililization of a CRW strap are among a few of the maneuvers accomplished. Additionally, we were happy to work with two talented pilots for each of our morning performances.

Matt Chapman with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Rob Holland with Veteran Home Loans proudly, joined our narrator passes to start the show. Climbing all the way to our jump altitude to meet the plane, they flew in formation with our C-31 Troopship. They built anticapation from the crowd with their smoke, just prior to jumpers exiting. Each day they circled the narrator in free fall and under canopy.

Sunday Morning was a special treat for the Crowd and for Black Team. SSG Sanborn and SPC Navarro flew the POW/MIA flag along side the American Flag, using a CRW strap. They arranged their parachutes into a side-by-side configuration allowing both jumpers to fly their respective flag and to burn smoke. This was all conducted while Rob Holland and Matt Chapman flew opposing circles around the jumpers. While always striving to put on a great performance for the American Public, it was an honor to combine multiple acts and a multitude of talent to truly show the friendly work spirit within the air show industry. The Amigo Airsho was an amazing venue that we all hope to continue supporting.





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