Setting up at ICAS for the 2012 Show Season

International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) is currently underway for the 2012 show season, and elements of the Team are here representing our organization along with the other two DoD sanctioned demonstration teams, the Navy Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunder Birds. This venue is put on annually for air show organizers and performers to get together and lock in their schedules for the upcoming show season. Monday morning, we published our working schedule along with the DoD jet teams. We are now adding shows as other events request our available weekends, and we are starting coordination with event organizers we have already committed to for 2012. The schedule below is only what we have developed thus far, by the end of the week we will publish the updates to our 2012 schedule. Stay posted here!

2012 Golden Knights Schedule

  • Thomas Hili

    HI, I was looking at your 2012 schedule and I see that the team is coming to JBLM in WA. I’m not sure which team will be coming out this way, but as a former Black team member I would like to invite the team to a BBQ social if time permits. Please extend this invite to the T.L. when it is determinted what team is coming. I am very excited to see the team come back up to the Great North West and can’t wait to see the team.

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