2012 Golden Knights Schedule

 Day two for the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) started with the final open floor session for both old and new event organizers to approach our booth in order to further coordinate the 2012 season.  The last several hours on the exhibit floor helped solidify our schedule and allowed us to war game how we could support some of the events that are going to be a challenge. Anchorage, Alaska is one of those tough events to support due to the travel time and fuel costs involved, but sitting and talking with the Air Show representatives we may have a solution if they can arrange for a C17 to serve as our transport and our jump platform at the event.

APT Scheduler SFC Paul Sachs and APT Airshow Coordinator Mr Darrin Grim conducted a two hour seminar for organizers from most of the events we will be attending next year, and all of the first time events had representation there. Every show we are scheduled to perform at received a thank you letter from LTC Joe Martin, as well as a packet to with our support manual and a media kit to help promote their event.

After the final floor session we disassembled and packaged our booth, then took a break and changed into our ASU’s and dress mess for the ICAS formal that closes out the convention each year: the Chairman’s Banquet.   Airshow Performer Honorees of the evening where long time friends of the team and American hero’s Julie Clark, Dan Buchanan, and Mike Goulian.  Julie, Dan and Mike received awards for their professionalism, Air Show safety, showmanship, and their life long drive to connect to the American public thru their inspiring and amazing gravity defying performances. Congratulations to Julie, Dan and Mike from everyone here on the Army Parachute Team, and a special thanks for further inspiring us to always aspire to amaze crowds and conduct ourselves as consummate professionals.

With the close of ICAS 2011 comes the prize we came for, the USAPT Golden Knight 2012 Air Show Schedule! While it is always a work in progress, we are proud to announce that we have 38 events scheduled; we left ICAS 2010 with almost exactly the same number and had a great 2011 season, closing out with 74 demonstrations.

Please see the current schedule HERE. In the next few working days Team Leaders SFC JD Berentis and SFC Tom Dunning will sit down with APT Operations and determine which team will cover down on the events that requested us, and as always stay tuned for additional dates that will appear where your favorite team will be conducting aerial parachute demonstrations!

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